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Postdoctoral Associates

Our Postdoctoral Associates are a valuable asset to our department through research productivity and by participating in the campus postdoc community. The postdoc group in our department holds regular meetings throughout the semester to discuss their current projects, take part in professional development oppportunities and coordinate outreach events. Each spring the Postdocs share their current research through a series of talks called PoSSe, the Postdoctoral Seminar Series.

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs organizes the broader postdoctoral community on campus, including hosting events and sharing award opportunities throughout the year.

Current Postdocs


Alexandrea MatthewsAlexandra Matthews

Maffei Lab

Bridging molecular and electrophysiological properties of the gustatory cortex




amalia napoli headshotAmalia Napoli

Wollmuth Lab

The role of ionotropic receptors and ionic transporters in neurogenesis and neurodevelopmental disorders.


Research Gate:

Twitter: @amalia_napolicom/in/acmchale


PhotoHillary Schiff
Maffei Lab

Maturation of inhibitory circuits in the gustatory cortex and expression of taste preferences.

View 5-minute research talk for a general audience, "You Are What You Ate," at




PhotoJeffrey Malgady
Plotkin Lab

Adaptations in Cholinergic Signaling in a SAPAP3 Null Mouse Model of Compulsive Motor Behaviors





PhotoLindsey Czarnecki

Fontanini Lab

Studies cognition and sensory physiology in the chemical senses.

View 5-minute research talk for a general audience, “The Taste of Things To Come,” on the unique ways animals may (not) learn to expect tastes:




liam lang headshotLiam Lang

Fontanini Lab

Metastable Cortical Dynamics During Taste-based






tianshu li headshotTianshu Li

LaCamera Lab

Neural Mechanisms for Strategy-dependent Decision-making in the Prefrontal Cortex





PhotoXinxing Wang
Ge and Xiong Lab

Reprogramming neural circuit activity via lipid metabolism to promote adult hippocampus neurogenesis and cognitive function.