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Welcome from Our Artistic Director,
Killer Films' Christine Vachon

vachon Located at the The Stony Brook Manhattan Center in Midtown Manhattan, our MFA in Film and Television Writing draws a one-of-a-kind community of filmmakers and television writers.
Focusing on the practical advice and lessons our indie production company, Killer Films, has gathered from 30 years — with more than 95 films under our belts and 6 films and television series produced in 2018 — we offer a new take on instruction in all forms of visual storytelling at State University of New York prices.

At Stony Brook, we had the luxury of starting at ground zero to envision a new model for instruction, and our aim became singular: to empower artists with the skills to be nimble and responsive to today’s world of film and television. We support the unique vision of each of our student artists, while in-the-practice professors teach in-depth craft to directors, television writers, screenwriters, and producers.

The focus of all faculty is on you and the diversity of stories you bring. I am excited to have you join us in this endeavor – while we break new ground in instruction, we invite you to break new ground in storytelling.