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William Butler Yeats Collection

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SC 294

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This is the list of index terms used to generate the keyword-in-context (or concordance) page index. Initial articles, initial punctuation, and initial ellipses have been omitted. These entries include names, titles, phrases, and keywords. Some entries have been truncated for indexing purposes.

Alphabetization is by letter, rather than by word; e.g., all names starting with O' file before words starting with Oa, all words and names with a space or a hyphen, [e.g., Mac Coll or pre-Vision] file under the first part of that word; names beginning with Mc follow words beginning with Ma. An index with page numbers is available in the Special Collections Department.

10 Ashfield Terrace
1920 June 2
1921 April 7 - 1927 July
1928 - 1930 Nov. 18
1932 Lecture Tour
1934 June
28 Phases of the Moon
4 Broad Street
Abbey Subsidy
Abbey Theatre
Abbey Theatre reports on rejected plays
Account of Money Advanced
Account of Red Rose - Yeats, Susan Mary
Account of the Bleeding Sacred Heart
Account of White Rose - Yeats, Susan Mary
Acre of Grass
Acting at St. Teresa's Hall
Adam's Curse
Address (to law students)
Adoration of the Magi
After Long Silence
Against Witchcraft
Algeciras, Spain, 1927
All forms & events & began to put on a mystic significance
All night there have been ghosts about us
All our Europe that for so long
All Souls' Night
All the Popular Arts Have been Degraded
All Things Remain in God
Alternative Song for the Severed Head
Am I a fool or a wise man?
American Girl: An Irish View
American Vitality
Among Mariners I can conceive
Among School Children
Among the Reeds
Anashuya and Vijaya
Ancestral Houses
Ancient and Modern Scottish Songs
And ceased
And do but our
And I will Call Search and Find
And then there is tragedy
And thy daughter will warm
And wherever around
Anglo-Ireland: A Conversation between Yeats, William Butler & Aherne
Anglo-Irish Ballads
Anima Hominis
Antheil, George?
Aphorisms of Yoga
Aphorisms on Devotion
Appeal to Caesar
Appendix by Michael Robartes
Arable Holdings
Are You Content
Aristotle of the Books
Armstrong Family
Armstrong, John
Art and Ideas
Art and Plays
Art of Instinct
Art without Imitation
Artist and the Instinct of Imitation
Artists and Poets
As know all workers for the poor
As the Mist and Snow
Ashfield Terrace
Assignment of Trustees
At Algeciras
At the Hawk's Well
Aunt Totsie
Autobiographical Lecture
Automatic Script of E{lizabeth} R{adcliffe}
Automatic Writing
Avenue Theatre
Back to the Home
Baile and Aillinn
Ballad of the Foxhunter
Balloon of the Mind
Baltimore Sun 1911 Oct. 5
Battle, Mary
Bax, Clifford
Beautiful Lofty Things
Beautiful woman bases
Because he portrays a poetry and a passion
Because the moon
Bedford Park
Before the World was Made
Beggar to Beggar Cried
Behold the flashing waters
Behold the man. Behold his brow of care
Being {?} in half/Everything must wear {?} away
Belief and Unbelief
Bickley, Francis. Earth to Earth
Bickley, Francis. The Art of J.M. Synge
Billy Boy
Binding of the Hair
Biographical notes
Biographical Notice" for Royal Academy of Sweden, Nobel Prize
Birmingham Lecture
Birth Announcements - Anne & Michael Yeats
Bishop Berkeley
Black and the White Arrows
Black Tower
Blake and contraries
Blake, William
Blake, William. Blake's marginal notes
Blake, William. Songs of Innocence
Blood and the Moon
Books by Yeats, William Butler
Botanical term
Bounty of Sweden
Bovio, Giovanni. The Feast of Purim
Breaking Day
Briggs, "It Happens in the Best Regulated Families."
Briggs, "Oh, Man!" {Cartoon} New York Tribune, c1919
Broadcast from Belfast
Broken Dreams
Bronze Head
Brown leather notebook
Brown Penny
Buddhist thought {Note}
Bunting, Basil. Schoenberg and Spoken Music
Burial site of Yeats, John Butler
Burlington House Lectures
Bust of Mrs. FitzSimon in Glencullen House
But {?}
But who would want to please anything so base
Butler Family
By the Emperor's Command, A Foreign Story Teller
By the Roadside
Byrne, J. Patrick. Consubstantial
Campion. Ion and Ally
Cancelled press notes
Canonical hours and liturgical year
Cap and Bells
Carroll, Paul Vincent
Casket Sonnets
Cat and the Moon
Celtic Order
Celtic Twilight
Censorship and St. Thomas Aquinas
Certain Artists bring her Dolls and Drawings
Certain Noble Plays of Japan
Certain Poet in Outlandish Clothes
Chambermaid's First Song
Chambermaid's Second Song
Changing Canons of Form
Character Malachi
Characters of the Play
Chart of revisions in various editions of Yeats, William Butler's works
Chaucer, Geoffrey. Canterbury Tales
Chestertown, NY
Child's Play
Chronological list of Yeats, William Butler poems, 1884-1937
Circus Animals' Desertion
Clairvoyance of May 9
Cloud of Witnesses
CM Diagram {Creative Mind}
Cold Heaven
Coleridge and Synesius
Coleridge, Mary E. Poem of Mary E. Coleridge
Collar-bone of a Hare
Collected Plays
Collected Works (Coole ed.)
Collection Notes
Collections of Works
Colonel Martin
Colonus' Praise
Come Gather Round Me Parnellites
Commentary on 'A Parnellite at Parnell's Funeral'
Commentary on 'Supernatural Songs'
Commentary on 'The King of the Great Clock Tower'
Complete Works of Oscar Wilde
Completed Symbol
Composer Unknown
Concerning Saints and Artists
Concerning the Nearness Together of Heaven
Cones and Its Principles
Congratulatory Address for the Royal Society of Literature
Contemporary Irish Theatre
Contemporary Lyric Poets
Contents of notebooks by Yeats, William Butler
Contents of The Great Wheel
Coole Park
Coole Park, 1929
Coole Park and Ballylee, 1931
Copy of drypoint portrait by Augustus John
Costello the Proud, Oona MacDermott and the Bitter
Costumes for a Play?
Countess Cathleen
Countess Kathleen and Various Legends
Country of the Young
Cracked Mary and the Bishop
Cracked Mary and the Dancers
Cracked Mary's Vision
Cradle Song
Crazed Girl
Crazed Moon
Crazy Jane and Jack the Journeyman
Crazy Jane and the Bishop
Crazy Jane and the King
Crazy Jane Grown Old Looks at the Dancers
Crazy Jane Grows Old
Crazy Jane on God
Crazy Jane on the Day of Judgment
Crazy Jane on the Mountain
Crazy Jane Poems
Crazy Jane Reproved
Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop
Creative Mind
Cromwellian Speaks
Crossways: The Falling of the Leaves
Crucifixion of the Outcast
Cuala Press
Cuchulain Comforted
Cuchulain has killed kings
Cuchulain plays
Cuchulain, the girl and the fool
Curse of Cromwell
Curse of O'Hanrahan the Red
Curse of the Fires and the Shadows
Cutting of an Agate
Daily Express 1904 Dec. 6
Daily Press, Editor (London) - (c.1919)
Dancer at Cruachan and Cro-Patrick
Dances in A Hindu Temple
Davendra Nath Tagore." {Obituary} The Statesman
Deasy, Miss. A China Shop
Death Exultant: A Poem by John B. Yeats
Death of Cuchulain
Death of Lady Gregory
Death of O'Hanrahan the Red
Death of Robert Corbet Yeats
Death of Synge and Other Passages from an Old Diary
Death of the Hare
DeBurgh Version
Dedication to Ashe King
Dedication. To Vestiga
Deed of Postnuptial Settlement
Deeds, Leases, Wills, etc
Deep-Sworn Vow
Deer (?) he followed alone I have gone
Defence of the Abbey Theatre
Deliverer - Lady Gregory
Delphic Oracle
Delphic Oracle upon Plotinus
Demon and Beast
Devil's Book and O'Hanrahan the Red
Dew falls
Diagrams of cones
Dialogue between Aherne and Robartes
Dialogue in Heaven
Dialogue of Self and Soul
Diaries, Journals and Notes
Diaries, Journals, Notes and Documents
Diarmuid and Grania
Diary 1889
Diary 1930
Discoveries of Michael Robartes
Discoveries: Second Series
Distinction between discussion and argument
Doctor in Spite of Himself
Dolmetsch, Arnold
Donaghy, Lyle. Into the Light and Other Poems
Double moon or more ago
Double nature there
Dove or Swan
Dowden, Edward. In the Garden
Dowden, Edward. Sonnets
Down by the Salley Gardens
Dowson, Ernest. Poems of Ernest Dowson
Dr. Hyde once told a public meeting
Draft {The Tower}
Draft fragment of unidentified prose
Draft of books
Draft of choruses
Draft of letter re: Wagner
Draft of letter to an editor
Draft of letter Yeats, William Butler to Levine(?)
Draft of letter: Yeats, William Butler to Hays, Jan. 23
Draft of unidentified prose
Draft, Speech for Swedish Academy
Dramatical Poems (preface)
Dramatis Personae
Drawings and Sketches
Dream of Death
Dreaming of the Bones
Dreams and Ghosts
Dreams including Freud
Drumcliff and Rosses
Drunken Man's Praise of Sobriety
Dublin---beautiful stair
Duke, Sir Henry
Dulac, Edmund
Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett
Durlowicz, Thomas
Early Manuscript, Version B
Early Memories - Yeats, John Butler
Early Poems and Stories, 1925
Easter, 1916
Eaters of Precious Stones
Edmund Spenser
Edwards, Oliver
Ego Dominus Tuus
Elemental Spirit of the Sea
Ellen Terry Barn Theatre Society
Ellis, Edwin
Emmet, Robert
Empty Cup
End of the Day
English are an aristocratic people
English girl walks by precedent
Entries in hand of Maud Gonne
Epic of the Forests
Essay on Berkeley
Essays 1924
Essays 1931-1936
Essays - Yeats, John Butler
Estate of George Pollexfen
Eugenics Society
Evening Post 19?? April 9
Everlasting Voices
Every line written by Shakespeare
Every Man has One Lecture {untitled}
Evocation of Mider
Extract from the Daily Mail, 15th November, 1922
Facility in believing marks the poet
Faery Belief
Faery People
Faery Song
Fallen Majesty
Falling of the Leaves
Family Book
Family History
Family Papers
Family pictures, unidentified
Farr, Florence
Father and Child
Fenollosa, Ernest Franciso
Fichte's historical scheme in Lewis
Fiddler of Dooney
Fighting the Waves
Financial papers
Financial Records
Firmicus Maternus, Julius. Mundi Thema
First Confession
First Love
First Principle
First Principles
First Things
Florence Farr, Bernard Shaw and W. B. Yeats
Flower has blossomed, the world heart core
Fluidic Hands the Latest in Medium Photography
Foden, Gwyneth
Folklore and Myth
Folklore, etc., 1889. 1890. 1891
Folly of Being Comforted
For a portrait painter
For Anne Gregory
For clapping (?) hands of all mens love
Foster, Jeanne Robert
Four Ages of Man
Four Faculties
Four Plays for Dancers
Four Principles
Four Years
Fragment of unidentified prose
Francis Stuart's verse
French Notebook - H.M. Hyde-Lees
Friend of mine, long since dead
Friend Who Promised
Friend's illness
Friends and Associates
Friends of his Youth
Friends of My Youth
From 'In the Seven Woods'
From 'Oedipus at Colonus'
From Hafiz
From her companionship I turn to God
From the 'Antigone'
From the first he attracted
Full Moody Is My Love and Sad
Full Moon In March
Gaelic Co
Gaelic: A Dialogue
Gaiety Theatre
Gate Theatre
Gates of Pluto
Genealogical Tree of Revolution
Genealogy of Irish Gods
General Business
General Introduction for My Work (Scribner ed.)
George Allen & Unwin, Ltd. {Initials LGS} Second Sight in Dai
Ghost of Roger Casement
Gibbs, A.H
Gift of Harun Al-Rashid
Girl's Song
Girls in Revolt
Glencullen Vision - Yeats, Susan Mary
Glossary of Sanskrit Terms
Goatherd and Girl
Gogarty, Oliver St. John
Gogarty's poems
Golden Age
Golden Dawn
Golden Treasury
Gonne, Maud
Good People of the Mountain Sing
Gratitude to the Unknown Instructors
Greacen, Patricia
Great Blasket {Review, Spectator, 1933 June 2
Great Day
Great Wheel
Great Year
Great Year of the Ancients
Green Helmet
Green Helmet and Other Poems
Green Loose-leaf {Journal}
Gregory, Lady
Gregory, Lady
Greville-Nugent, Rosemary E. Account of Banshee cry
Grey Abbey, County Down
Grey Rock
Guinan, John. The Buckle Beggar
Guitar Player
Gyles, Althea
Half in articulo
Hamilton, Ellen
Hamilton, Frederick, Rev
Hamilton, William Richard
Happy Prince, and Other Fairy Tales
Happy Townland
Harmsworth, Desmond. Desmond Harmsworth's Poems
Has the Drama of Contemporary Life a Root of Its Own?
He {?} for {?} above in the
He and She
He Bids his Beloved be at Peace
He/Look at the white birds crowd {?}
He Remembers Forgotten Beauty
He Reproves the Curlew
He who bids the white plains of the pole
He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven
He Wishes His Beloved Were Dead
Hear [?] you, that siled as the moon or sea
Heart of Spring
Heart on Sleeve
Hebrew Letters. 32 Paths of Wisdom
Her Anxiety
Her Courage
Her Courtesy
Her Dream
Her Friends Bring her a Christmas Tree
Her Praise
Her Race
Her Triumph
Her Vision in the Wood
Here I am my
Hermetic Philosophers
Herne's Egg
Hero, the Girl, and the Fool
Heroine, as your ab-(?) decadent would
Higgins, F.R. An Angel
Higgins, F.R. Arable Holdings
Higgins, F.R. To Aphrodite
High Talk
Hills of Mourne
His Bargain
His Confidence
His Memories
His Mistress's Eyebrows
His Phoenix
His Wildness
Hodos Chameliontos
Holy Mountain
Holy Places
Home Rule
Homework Cooperation Society
Hone, Joseph Maunsell
Horniman, A.E.F
Hosting of the Sidhe
Hound Voice
Hour Before Dawn
Hour Glass
How Am I Fallen from Myself
How I Began
How I Began to Write
How Sweet I roamed
Howard, Benjamin Douglas
Huddon, Duddon, and Daniel O'Leary
Hughes, Herbert} Cuchulain has killed kings
Hughes, Herbert} When you were an acorn
Human Dignity
Hungry for the great [?] rock or for doom
Hushed in the vale of Dejestan
Hyde-Lees Family
Hyde-Lees, H.M
I address you to-night
I am about to describe the rise and achievement
I am here as a representative
I Am of Ireland
I Became an Author
I have a profound belief in the Irish mind
I have an idea which never leaves me
I have been all my working life
I have often arrived in Athens when I
I heard a rose on the
I know well a
I may be wrong but I do not think so
I often meditate on after the war
I Older by Many a Winter
I once had peace among
I Press that Thought
I remember it all with difficulty
I Sat upon a Gnarled Root
I saw the sea lines citron glare
I See Phantoms of Hatred
I Sing of Pan
I stood in the tower window
I think there are convictions
I was going, the road one day
I wish that every American
I Wish that You were Dead, Goodman
Ideal Drama and the Irish Literary Theatre
Ideals in Ireland
If I Were Four and Twenty
If the melancholy music of the spheres
Ignorant of your features/mates holy creatures
Illness - 1929 Nov
Illustrations to G.K. Chesterton's Blake
Image from a Past Life
Imagination's Bride
Imitated from the Japanese
Impetuous Heart, Be Still
Importance of Legend
In Dreams Begins Responsibilities
In France and America ideals and idealism
In Kerry
In making out my lists of contrasts
In Memory of Alfred Pollexfen
In Memory of Eva Gore-Booth and Con Markievicz
In Tara's Halls
In the North of
In the Poet's Parlour
In the Poet's Pub
In The Seven Woods
In this ruddy time of holly
Indian Yogis," Bombay Chronicle, 1932 March 6
Inner and Secret Chief of the Order RR et AC
Inscription for a Christmas card
Insertion in F.W.H.M.'s Paper on Motor Automatism
Instrumental-traditional air
Interview (Yeats, William Butler & Macdonagh{?})
Into the Twilight
Introduction For My Plays
Introduction to 'An Indian Monk'
Introduction to 'The Resurrection'
Introduction to Essays
Introduction to the catalogue of the Whistler Exhibition
Introduction to the Great Wheel
Introduction. By Owen Aherne
Introductory Rhymes
Invitations, Notices and Announcements
Ireland & {?} {untitled}
Ireland, 1921-1931
Ireland after Parnell
Ireland After the Revolution
Ireland to Be Saved by Intellect
Irish Academy of Letters
Irish Airman Foresees his Death
Irish Astrological Society
Irish Authors and Poets, Irish Firesides
Irish Censorship
Irish Chief's Buried Treasure." {Unidentified Newspaper Clip
Irish Culture and Intellect
Irish Dramatic Movement
Irish fascist movement
Irish Folklore {untitled}
Irish Gods and Legends
Irish Literary Society
Irish Literary Theatre
Irish National Theatre Society
Irish Plays
Irish Republican Brotherhood
Irish Senate
Irish Statesman 1920 June 13
Irish Theatre
Irish Times, Editor - 1924 Apr. 8(?)
Irish Times, Editor - 1926 July 29
Irish Tragedy. Murdered Woman: Priest Refutes Official Story
Irish Worker - 1913 Nov. 1
Irvine. The Eviction
Island of Statues
Island Version
It is curious to think while Democracy
It is the fashion nowadays
It will be within the memory
Itinerary for Western Trip
Jack Yeats' painting
John, Augustus
John Bull's Last Will and Testament
John Butler Yeats
John Eglinton and Spiritual Art
John Hermit
John Kinsella's Lament for Mrs. Mary Moore
John Shawe-Taylor
Judgement for the College Historical Society's Gold and Silver
Kanva on Himself
Karma-Yoga Aphorisms
Karouches, Anna Louise
Kathleen-ny-Hoolihan and O'Hanrahan the Red
Kehoe, Patrick
Kelly, Mary. "To Celebrate the Jubilee."
King Oedipus"
King of the Great Clock Tower
King returns to his house
King's Threshold
Knight of the Sheep
Knowledge and Wisdom
L., A.J.}. {Untitled} re: death of Robert Corbet Yeats
Lady Gregory
Lady's First Song
Lady's Second Song
Lady's Third Song
Lago, Mary M., ed. Imperfect Encounter
Lake Isle of Innisfree
Land of Heart's Desire
Land of the old fashioned
Lane, Hugh
Lane Pictures
Language that can never
Lapis Lazuli
Larkin, Henry. Certified Copy of Register of Deaths
Last Confession
Last Memories
Last Poems
Last Poems and Two Plays
Latin phrases by Alan Porter
Lavater, Johann Kaspar. Aphorisms on Man
Leader - 1935 June 29 (reprint of letter 1900 Aug. 26)
Leaders of Irish fascist movement
Leaders of the Crowd
Learning Christ
Leather Notebook
Lecture in NY, 1903 {untitled}
Lecture on the Schemahanphorasch
Lectures and Speeches
Lectures and Speeches - Yeats, John Butler
Leda and the Swan
Legal Document on behalf of Sarah Yeats concerning will
Legend, Importance of {untitled}
Legend of the Phantom Ship
Legendary and Mythological Foundation of the Plays
Lemon Tree
Leo Africanus
Leroy Version
Let Images of Basalt
Letchworth Players
Letter from Mrs. Pearse {excerpt}
Letter to Lady Gregory 1919
Letters of Administration (intestate) of the personal estate
Letters of J.B. Yeats
Letters - Yeats, John Butler
Life of W.B. Yeats, Illustrations
Life with Trans-Siberian Savages
Lines Written in Dejection
List of engagements
List of items: manuscripts, letters, brown leather notebook
List of Manuscripts
List of material microfilmed for Thomas Parkinson in 1958
List of names
List of poems found in various books of poems by Yeats, William Butler
List of poems written at Rapallo, Feb. & Mar. 1929
List of Poems
List of portraits of W.B. Yeats
List of some metals and their colors, pertaining to the David
List of suppressed poems by Yeats, William Butler
List of Synge's works with Ms. notes
List of telegrams and messages of sympathy on Yeats, William Butler's death
List of Yeats, William Butler Mss
Literary notes
Little child sits down and with his pencil
Little Puritan in Sunday Best
Living Beauty
Long-Legged Fly
Long of the look is
Look on our adversity
Loquiter the Crumwellian
Lord Wolseley
Louis Lambert
Love and Death
Love and Death; A Tragedy
Love's Decay
Love's Loneliness
Lover Asks Forgiveness Because of His Many Moods
Lover Pleads with his Friend for Old Friends
Lover's Song
Loving Woman
Luggage tag
Lyric written in 1923 and lost
Lyrical Poems (preface)
M, A.V.} Grey Abbey, County Down
Mac Coll, D.S. To The Irish Times
MacNeice, Louis. The Last Ditch
MacNulty. A Review of Mr. MacNulty's Play
Mad as the Mist and Snow
Magic Fire
Major Robert Gregory
Man and the Echo
Man on the border of Clare and Galway
Man who Dreamed of Faeryland
Man Young and Old
Mandukya Upanishad
Mannin, Ethel
Manuscript notebook
Manuscripts by George Pollexfen
Map: Bedford Park
March at Rapallo
Maroon-Quarto size
Mary Stuart, Queen of the Scots. Casket Sonnets
Masefield, John. Some Memories of W.B. Yeats
Material for A Vision
Maternus, Julius Firmicus. Mundi Thema, or the Geniture of th
Maud Gonne Xmas 1912
May this fire have driven out
Mechanics Institute
Meditation in Time of War
Meditation of the Old Fisherman
Meditation upon Death
Meditations in Time of Civil War
Meditations upon Death
Memory of Youth
Men Improve with the Years
Message of the Folk-Lorist
Meyler, John
Michael Field's New Plays
Michael Robartes and his Friends {note for}
Michael Robartes and the Dancer
Midnight Court
Might relieve the miseries
Milton, John. The Italian Poems. Transl. by Agnes Tobin
Minchin, Hamilton
Minstrel's Song
Minutes from Theosop"hical Society Meeting
Miscellaneous Envelopes
Miscellaneous Mss
Miscellaneous notes
Miscellaneous notes on occult
Mitchell, Susan L
Mitchell, Susan L. Sea Water
Model for the Laureate
Modern Astrology
Modern Ireland
Modern Poetry
Modern Theatre
Mohini Chatterjee
Moliere. The Doctor in Spite of Himself. Lady Gregory
Moon that Shone Last Night
Moore, George
Mother of God
Mountain Tomb
Move upon Newton's Town
Mrs. Phellamore
Mrs. WBY
MSS of 1893 (GY's Index/Extracts)
Municipal Gallery Re-visited
Murray, T.C. The Levite
Music (by Dulac
Music and Poetry
Musician and the Orator
My {?} is sain(?)
My Children
My Descendants
My Friend's Book
My House
My Own Poetry
My Own Poetry Again
My song thou knowest of a dreaming castle
My Table
My Wishes
Mysticism {notes for lecture}
National Theatre Company
National Theatre Society
Nature of Reality
Nearing the end
Need for Audacity of Thought
Needle's Eye
New Broadsides
New Faces
New Poems
New Song for the Severed Head
New Unionist Party in Ireland
New York Press (or Post) - 1908 Mar. 3
News for the Delphic Oracle
Newspaper Clippings
Newspapers (1914 - 1939)
Newspapers, Periodicals, etc
Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen
Nineteenth Century and After
No longer the moon
No not now for that fray {?}/that has laid hold upon him
Nobel Prize
Norman, Arthur. To Globe (The Finest Irish Movement)
Norman, H.F. "George Russell."
Note {The King of the Great Clock Tower}
Note beginning: A possible cause
Note beginning: Homework Cooperation Society
Note on botanical term
Note on Buddhist thought
Note on The {King of the} Great Clock Tower
Note re: automatic writing
Note re: Cuchulain plays
Note re: Yeats, William Butler's illness - 1929 Nov
Note to publisher
Note. Fragment?
Notebook - 1924 May
Notebook - 4 Broad Street
Notebook A
Notebook B (1928 Oct. 9)
Notebook E
Notebook of definitions
Notebook of diagrams of cones
Notebook of printed articles
Notebook of prose drafts
Notebook, small red
Notebooks containing sketches using Craig scenes
Notes for second issue
Notes of the Month." The Occult Review
Notes on Creative Mind
Notes on dreams including Freud
Notes on Francis Stuart's verse
Notes on history
Notes on Irish Republican Brotherhood
Notes on Jack Yeats' painting
Notes on leaders of Irish fascist movement
Notes on Persian ideas re: creation
Notes on Sleeps
Notes on the canonical hours and liturgical year
Notes on Three Songs
Notes on time in Indian philosophy
Notes re: contents of notebooks by Yeats, William Butler
Notes re: Costumes for a Play?
Notes re: Count Magnus Stenbock
Notes re: G.B. Shaw
Notes re: Gogarty's poems
Notes re: Karouches, Anna Louise
Notes re: Mary Battle
Notes re: stories by Ethel Mannin
Notes re: Thomas Durlowicz; Anna Karouches
Notes: Illustrations to G.K. Chesterton's Blake
O'Bryne, Dermot. A Dublin Ballad - 1916, and In Memoriam My F
O'Connor, Frank. Lords and Commons
O'Connor, Frank. The Wild Bird's Nest
O'Nolan, T.P. Stargazer
O'Riordan, Conal Holmes O'Connel. "John Millington Synge."
O'Shaugnessy, Arthur
O'Sullivan, Maurice. Twenty Years A-Growing
Observer, Editor - 1917 Jan
Observer(?), Editor - (c.1916-1917)
Occult Books and Notes
Occult Diary
Occult Notes & Diary
October Blast
Odds and Ends
Oedipus at Colonus
Oedipus Child
Oedipus the King, Speech
Offering of Swans
Oh Lord My God Give Me Quiet and Seclusion
Oh poet still the fire of
Oil and Blood
Oil and Blood, note
Oison and the Islands of Youth
Old Age of Queen Maeve
Old and Solitary One
Old Countryman
Old Grey Man
Old House {untitled}
Old Irish Love Songs
Old man and girl
Old Memory
Old Men Admiring Themselves in the Water
Old Men of the Twilight
Old Stone Cross
Old Tom Again
Oleograph at Mirebeau
Olympia Theatre
On a Picture of a Black Centaur by Edmund Dulac
On a Political Prisoner
On Baile's Strand
On Being Asked for a War Poem
On the Boiler
On the Death of Madonna Laura
On Those that Hated 'The Playboy of the Western World'
On Woman
Once a meteor's fickle flair
Once god had stored his peace away in books
Only Jealousy of Emer
Oshima, Shotaro. William Butler Yeats: A Study
Other Family Members
Other Materials
Other Matters
Other Plays of the Month
Our Cousins Overseas
Our Lady of the Hills
Out of the Rose
Outdoors in New York
Outlaw's Bridal
Outlook, Editor - 1898 Apr. 22
Owen Aherne and his Dancers
Oxford Book of English Verse
Oxford Book of Modern Verse, 1892-1935
Oxford Students and Societies 1919-1921
Packet for Ezra Pound
Pages from a Diary Written in Nineteen Hundred and Thirty
Painter of Pictures
Painting and Painters
Papers Relating to William Butler Yeats
Pardon, Old Fathers
Parkinson List
Parnell's Funeral
Parnell's Funeral and Other Poems
Parnellite at Parnell's Funeral
Paul's(?) {?} are {?}{?} meaning hidden from
Payne, Hanna
Pedro's Song
People's Theatre
Per Amica Silentia Lunae
Persian ideas re: creation
Personality and the Intellectual Essences
Petipas Memoires
Petrarca, Francesco. On the Death of Madonna Laura
Petrarca, Francesco. Petrarch to Boccaccio, "Nearing the end
Phantom Ship
Phases of the Moon
Phelps, Myron H. To The Statesman, 1912 March 1
Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni - 47 Cabalistic
Play of Modern Manners
Player Queen
Players Ask for a Blessing on the Psalteries and Themselves
Plays {Published}
Plays {Unpublished}
Plays {untitled}
Plays & Players. Dublin Gate Theatre
Plays and Controversies
Plays in Prose and Verse
Plea for a Quiet Life
Pleasure of Conversation
Poem of Lancelot Switchback
Poem written in Despondency
Poems {Additional}
Poems {Narrative and Dramatic}
Poems {Published Volumes}
Poems {Unpublished}
Poems 1899-1905
Poems 1927
Poems about Women
Poems of William Blake
Poems Written in Discouragement
Poems - Yeats, John Butler
Poet and the Actress
Poet to His Beloved
Poetical Works
Poetry and Tradition
Poetry New and Old
Poetry of the West
Politician used to be
Pollexfen Family
Pollexfen Family - William M. Murphy
Pollexfen, George
Pollexfen, Ruth
Pollexfen, William
Portrayed before his eyes
Posnett, Mrs. The Red Cross Sister
Possible cause
Post Office
Postscript to Commentary on 'Three Songs to the Same Tune'
Pot of Broth
Pound, Ezra
Praise of Old Wives' Tales
Prayer for my Daughter
Prayer for my Son
Prayer for Old Age
Prayer on Going into my House
Preface to 'The Land of Heart's Desire'
Preface to the First Edition of John M. Synge's Poems and Tran
Preface to the First Edition of The Well of the Saints
Prefaces and Introductions
Prefaces and Introductions - Yeats, John Butler
Prefaces, Introductions and Contributions
Prelude to 'The Old Age of Queen Maeve'
Priest and the Fairy
Priest of Pan
Principal Symbol
Printed Materials
Quatrains and aphorisms
Return of the Stars
Rosicrucian ritual pieces
Rossi, Mario M
Rosy Cross Lyrics
Rothenstein, William. Imperfect Encounter
Rousseau's Dream
Rowan, Hill. An Anarchist's Plot
Royal Acadamy [sic] of Sweden
Royal Academy of Sweden
Royal Commission and Taxation
Royal Grammar School, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Ruddock, Margot. The Lemon Tree
Run horse, run horse
Running to Paradise
Russell, George W
Sabin, W.H
Sad Shepherd
Sailing to Byzantium
Saint and the Hunchback
Samhain, A general description of issues 1-7
Sans Eyes
Satan called the spirit
Scenes from The Green Helmet
Scott, M.F. Peacemaker
Scrapbooks of Clippings
Script Oct 17 to Dec 17, 1918
Sea spirit
Sealy, Richard. Photograph of lapis lazuli
Seances, Sleeps and Dreams
Second Coming
Second Series: Changing Canons of Form
Second Sight in Daily Life
Secret Rose
Secrets of the Old
See the flashing waters
Selected Poems
Selection from the Love Poetry
Selections from the Poems of Dorothy Wellesley
Selections from the Writings of Lord Dunsany
Sepharial. "Studies in Brief."
Sepharial. An Astrological Survey of the Great War
September 1913
Seven Propositions
Seven Sages
Shadowy Waters
Shanahan, John} {Memoirs}
Shaw, G.B
She has
She Turns the Dolls' Faces to the Wall
She was
She Who Dwelt among the Sycamores
Shepherd and Goatherd
Shiels, George. Cartney and Kevney
Short and Simple Glossary of Astrological Terms
Sidgwick, Frank. Imaginary Conversation
Silk, Sword & Town
Singing Head and the Lady
Sir Roland
Sixteen Dead Men
Sketch books - Yeats, John Butler
Sketch by Yeats, William Butler for projected revival of On Baile's Strand
Sketch by Yeats, William Butler of arch for revised version of The Countess
Sketches of David Wilson's metallic machine
Small manuscript notebook
Small red notebook
Snobbery in America
Solomon and the Witch
Some Emotions and a Moral
Some Passages from the Letters of AE to W.B. Yeats
Some Uncollected Essays and Notes
Some years ago, I arrived in Athens (?)
Someone has informed me
Song 3 - I Know a Merry Thicket
Song for the Player Queen
Song from 'The Player Queen'
Song I
Song of Red Hanrahan
Song of Sunset
Song of the First Attendant
Song of the Happy Shepherd
Song of the Old Mother
Song of the Rosy Cross
Song of the Second Attendant
Song of the the Last Arcadian
Song of the Women
Song of Wandering Aengus
Songs for a Play
Sonnet 1
Sophocles' King Oedipus
Sophocles' Oedipus at Colonus
Sorrow of Love
Soul in Judgment
Soul of Dublin
Soul of the fountain sent me a word
Speckled Bird
Speech in Senate - June 10th, 1925
Speech on November 30th 1925
Speech upon Oedipus the King
Spilt Milk
Spirit Medium
Spirit of the Sea
Spiritus Mundi
Stage Society Theatre
Stained Glass Window
Stallworth, Jon. "W.B. Yeats's Under Ben Bulben."
Stare's Nest by My Window
Statesman's Holiday
Stenbock, Count Magnus
Stick of Incense
Still Pictures and Portraits
Stirring of the Bones
Stockholm Banquet Speech
Stockholm: A Meditation
Stolen Child
Stories of Michael Robartes and His Friends
Stream and Sun at Glendalough
Strong, L.A.G. "John Millington Synge."
Stuart, Francis
Sturm, Frank Pearce. I sit by a lonely fire
Subject for a Poem
Subject Matter of Drama
Subjects for Poems
Sudden as I Sat in a Wood
Summary of Sleeps, 1923 July - Nov. 27
Summer and Spring
Supernatural Songs
Suppose that by reducing our wants
Swedenborg, Mediums and the Desolate Places
Swedish Academy
Sweet Dancer
Swift's Epitaph
Symbols, on envelope address to Pollexfen
Symons, Arthur. {Untitled} to Rhoda
Synge and the Ireland of His Time {America}
Synge and the Irish
Synge, J.M
Synge, John M
Synge, Welsh Theatre, Irish Politics {untitled}
Table of Contents
Tables of the Law
Tagore, Rabindranath
Tailteann Games
Take up your rifle
Talk and Talkers
Talkers Whom I Have Known
Tall men the court men
Tardy Spring
Tarot cards
Teller of Tales
Ten Principal Upanishads
Tethra before whose windry throne
That happens beyond the circle of the students' lamps
Theatre {given at house of Ms. Fowler}
Theatre of Beauty {Harvard}
Theatre of Beauty {Toronto}
Theme for a poem
Themes for poems
Then up spring up before me on the saddle
Theosophical Society
There are the romantic imagination and the sentimental
There are two kinds of
There is the animal will and the spiritual will
There lived a man of wealth and lust and pride
These are the Clouds
They mingle with the briar in a primrose glade
Thick Skull of the Fortunate
Thinking of the Body
Third Book of the Mathesis
This man is murdered
Thomastown Lands
Those Dancing Days are Gone
Those Images
Though loud years come and go
Thought from Propertius
Thoughts and Second Thoughts
Three Beggars
Three Bushes
Three Cantos
Three Marching Songs
Three Monuments
Three Movements
Three Shafts
Three Songs
Three Songs for a Woman
Three Songs to the One Burden
Three Songs to the Same Tune
Three Stars by Orion's Belt
Three Things
Time and the Lady
Time and the Witch Vivien
Time in Indian philosophy
Title Page
To a Child Dancing in the Wind
To a Friend
To a Friend whose Work has Come to Nothing
To a Shade
To a Sister of a Cross and the Rose
To a Squirrel at Kyle-na-no
To a Wealthy Man Who Promised a Second Subscription
To a Young Girl
To All Artists and Writers
To be Carved on a Stone at Thoor Ballylee
To call the tune and had the claim allowed
To Dorothy Wellesley
To Ezra Pound
To his Heart, Bidding it Have no Fear
To Ireland in the Coming Times
To Make a Beautiful Thing
To Moorhead
To-morrow's Revolution
To the Rose upon the Rood of Time
To the Secret Rose
To Vestiga
Tobin, Agnes
Tolhurst, Rogers. In the Emperor's Garden
Tom at Cruachan
Tom the Lunatic
Topical {general notes for unidentified lectures}
Towards Break of Day
Tower on the Apennines
Tower Wind Beaten Grim
Tower: Among School Children (theme)
Tragic Generation
Tragic Theatre
Transcription of Sleep
Tree of Life
Trembling of the Veil
Tresses of the Hair
Tribute to F.J. McCormick
Tribute to Major Robert Gregory
Tribute to Thomas Davis
Trouble with their kind of
Twisting of the Rope and O'Hanrahan the Red
Two Kinds of Asceticism
Two Kings
Two lovers caught in a net, apples, sun and moon
Two names all day have run in my ear
Two Plays for Dancers
Two Songs from a Play
Two Songs of a Fool
Two Songs Rewritten for the Tune's Sake
Two Trees
Two Visions Seen by Me for My Friends
Two Years Later
U.S. Library of Congress
Unappeasable Host
Under Ben Bulben
Under Saturn
Under the Moon
Unicorn from the Stars
Unidentified family pictures
Unidentified fragment
Unidentified fragment in Yeats, William Butler's hand
Unidentified fragments
Unidentified Manuscripts
Unidentified note c.1913-1914 (?)
Unidentified play: summary of Acts 4 & 5
Unpublished poem
Unpublished quatrain
Untiring Ones
Untitled album of drafts & copies of poems
Untitled) Notebook
Untitled) Notebook of printed articles
Upon a Dying Lady
USA Tour, notes for lectures {1919 & 1920}
Ussher, Percy Arland, tr. The Midnight Court
Ussher, Percy Arland. Theory of Man
Value of Viewing Pictures
Varley (Dewar-Durie), Ida
Veiled voices and the questions
Verity, Ada
Veronica's Napkin
Verse on Anne Squire
Version B
Village of the Elms
Villiers de l'Isle-Adam, Jean Marie
Vision - 1925
Vision - 1937
Vision of O'Hanrahan the Red
Vision: Dionertes(?) and Thomas came last night
Visions and Beliefs
Visions Induced by an Oriental Powder
Visions of Lucy Middleton
Visions of Old Irish Mythology
Vivien and Time
W.B. Yeats, his book (1889)
W.S.B. Woolhouse {Woodhouse?}
Wanderings of Oisin
Wanderings of Usheen
Wanders around
Warsaw Modern Repertory Theatre
WB Yeats - 10 Ashfield Terrace
We in the ages lying
We live in changed time
Wedding of Ruth Pollexfen
Wellesley, Dorothy
What is goodness, is it good action
What is this portent
What Magic Drum
What the Caliph Partly Learned
What the Caliph Refused to Learn
What Then?
What Was Lost
What We Did or Tried To Do
Wheels and Butterflies
When Constantine's Descendant Ruled the World
When Helen Lived
When I have wrapped the wolf hide
When I read a story a novel or a play
When two its end o'er rippened July nears
When you were an acorn
When You are Old
Whence Had They Come
Where There is Nothing
Where There is Nothing, There Is God
Where thy white waters quaver
White Vellum Notebook
Whoever---queen (?) and employ
Why are women so often victims of nervous stroke
Why District Leaders Become Men of Prosperity
Why is it?' Queen Edain said
Why Should Not Old Men be Mad?
Why the Blind Man in Ancient Times was Made a Poet
Wild Old Wicked Man
Wild Swans At Coole
Wilde, Oscar
William Butler Yeats (1889-1924)
Wilson, David
Wilson experiment
Wind among the Reeds
Wind Among the Reeds: The Everlasting Voices
Winding Stair And Other Poems
Witches and Wizards and Irish Folk-lore
Withering of the Boughs
Woman Young and Old
Woman's Song
Words for Music Perhaps
Words upon the Window Pane
Works Edited by Yeats, William Butler
Works of William Blake
Write but, this
XYZ Journal
Years ago I had an English friend
Yeates, George
Yeates, John Butler Benjamin
Yeates, Sarah (née Taylor)
Yeates, Susan
Yeats, Anne
Yeats, Bertha Georgie
Yeats, Elizabeth Corbet
Yeats Family
Yeats, Jack
Yeats, John Butler, 1839-1922
Yeats, John Butler, Jr
Yeats, Michael
Yeats, Sarah
Yeats, Susan Mary, 1841-1900
Yeats, Susan Mary, 1866-1949
Yeats, William Butler
Yeats, William Butler to Gregory, Lady
Yeats, William Butler to Yeats, Bertha Georgie
Yeats, William Butler. A General Introduction for My Work. (Scribner ed.)
Yeats, William Butler's illness - 1929 Nov
Yeats, William Butler's list of some metals and their colors
Yeats: His Life and Poetry
You are my good, my beauty (?) and my all
Young Countryman
Young Frenchman's eyes grow bright for a while
Young Man's Song
Younger Generation
Younger Generation (version I & II)
Your Phrases
Youth and Age

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