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Vance Lewis Sailor Collection

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SC 328

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Vance Lewis Sailor, 1920-1998

Donated by Marguerite Sailor (wife) in 1998.

Extent,Scope, and Content Note 
The collection is comprised of 9 cubic ft.  of  personal correspondence, speeches, and press clippings, as well as documents pertaining to the Shoreham Nuclear Plant, The Long Island Lighting Company, and lawsuits initiated by Citizens for an Orderly Energy Policy. The date coverage is 1970 t o1995. Sailor was a senior physicist at Brookhaven National Laboratory and among the founders of Suffolk Scientists for Cleaner Power and Safer Environment, Energy Education Exponents, and Citizens for an Orderly Energy Policy .

Arrangement and Processing Note
Processed by Kristen J. Nyitray, Ann M. Becker, and Mary Diaz, July 2001
FInding aid updated and revised by Kristen J. Nyitray in June 2019.

The material is arranged in the order as it was received, maintaining the original alphabetical order created by Vance Lewis Sailor.


Restrictions on Access
The collection is open to researchers without restriction.

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[Item], [Box], Vance Lewis Sailor Collection, Special Collections and University Archives, Stony Brook University Libraries.

Historical Note
Vance Lewis Sailor (1920-1998) was a senior physicist at Brookhaven National Laboratory and among the founders of Suffolk Scientists for Cleaner Power and Safer Environment, Energy Education Exponents, and Citizens for an Orderly Energy Policy, all organizations of scientists dedicated to educating the public on energy production and consumption issues.

1920: Born on June 28 in Springfield, Missouri.
1943: Married Marguerite Erdman; awarded A.B. in Physics, DePauw University and certificate in Meteorology, Yale University.
1947: Awarded M.S. in Physics, Yale University.
1949: Awarded Ph.D. in Physics, Yale University; appointed Associate Physicist, Brookhaven National Laboratory; member of Graphite Reactor Startup Team.
1950: Group leader of experimental neutron physics research group (through 1972).
1953: Promoted to Physicist, Brookhaven National Laboratory.
1955: Technical Advisor to the U.S. Delegation to the First United Nations Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy in Geneva.
1956-1960: Member (later Chairman) of the Nuclear Cross Sections Advisory Group of the AEC.
1957: Promoted to Physicist with Tenure, Brookhaven National Laboratory.
1958: Attended second United Nations Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy in Geneva.
1962-1965: Participant in laboratory programs between Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Turkish Atomic Energy Commission.
1966: Member of the U.S. Delegation on Low Energy Nuclear Physics.
1967: Promoted to Senior Physics, Brookhaven National Laboratory.
1969: Lecturer at the School of Neutron Physics, Alushta, Crimea.
1972: Member of an energy analysis team led by Lee Haworth.
1973-1975: Head of the Office of Regulatory Assistance.
1976-1980: Co-Director, Energy Systems Analysis Project for the International Energy Agency (IEA).
1981-1984: Associate Department Chairman overseeing low-level nuclear waste management research programs.
1985: Retired; consultant, Department of Nuclear Energy; participant in various risk-analysis projects.

Sailor, Vance Lewis, -- 1920-1998.
Sailor, Vance Lewis, -- 1920-1998 -- Archives.
Long Island Lighting Company -- History.
Shoreham Nuclear Powerplant (N.Y.) -- History.
Physicists -- New York (State) -- Long Island.
Nuclear power plants -- Government policy -- United States -- History.
Nuclear power plants -- Economic aspects -- New York (State) -- Shoreham.
Electric utilities -- New York (State) -- Long Island -- Costs.
Economic history.
Long Island (N.Y.) -- Economic conditions.


Box 1: A - F
VLS Inventory Index
Alin, Per
American Society of Utility Investors, Fall 1986
Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc.
Bateman, John L., M.D.
Bianchi, I. William, Jr.
Bond, Victor P., M.D.
Brill, A. Bertram, M.D.
Brookhaven town newsletter
Bumper sticker, "Open Shoreham, Save Suffolk"
Burson-Marsteller file: Public Relations firm
Burson-Marsteller papers: Public Relations firm
Caputo, Joseph
Carney, Bill (Congressman)
Casey, W. Robert
Catacosinos, William
Catholic Church, re: nuclear power
Citizens to Open Shoreham (COS)
Citizens to Replace LILCO
Citizens Utility Board
Cohalan, Peter
Cohen, Bernard
Colorado Public Service Co. (Fort St. Vrain)
Commizoli, Robert B.
Cuomo, Governor Mario
Cuomo, Governor Mario: cartoons
Cuomo, Governor Mario: letter
Cuomo, Governor Mario: Town Meeting, 12/15/83
Diamond, Stuart. Newsday series, "Shoreham: What Went Wrong"
Downey, Congressman Thomas J.
Dukakis, Governor Michael
Electric Power Research Institute
Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know: U.S. EPA
Energy Daily, The
Energy Education Exponents, 1982 (EEE)
Energy Education Exponents, Inc.
Energy Information for Mature Americans
Environmental Defense Fund: A New Alternative to Completing Nine Mile Point Unit 2 Nuclear Station: Economic and Technical Analysis
Fainberg, Anthony
Federal Communication Commission Rules
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Foley, John J. (of Manorville)
Foley, John J. (of Patchogue)
Franz, Carl
Franz, Eena-Mai

Box 2: G-L
Goffman, John
Grossman, Karl
Halpin, Patrick
Hamilton, Leonard, M.D. "Comparison of Health Hazards of Different Energy Systems"
Harenberg, Paul
"Hate mail"
Health Physics
Hochbruechner, Congressman George
Hosmer, Congressman Craig
Howard, Lou
Hull, Andy
Hurwitz, Henry
Indusi, Joseph P.
International Atomic Energy Agency
Jaffe, Herb
Jamesport, Limited Appearance
Jobs and energy independence
Kaku, Michio
Kane, Howard (also see EEE files)
Kouts, Herbert
Kuper, J. B. Horner
Lapp, Ralph
Letters to the editor (VLS, published)
Levin, Carl of PR firm of Burson-Marsteller
Like, Irving
Lloyd Harbor Study Group

Box 3: LILCO files
LILCO: ads and bulletins
LILCO: almanacs
LILCO: bulletins
LILCO: Catacosinos, William J.
LILCO: correspondence before 1980
LILCO: emergency generators
LILCO: emergency plan notes and critiques
LILCO: Energy Education Exponents, Inc.
LILCO: energy Roundup
LILCO: general
LILCO: information project
LILCO: Jamesport
LILCO: Keeping Current
LILCO: news releases
LILCO: securities litigation
LILCO: Shoreham, 1983
LILCO: Shoreham cost factors
LILCO: Shoreham quality control
LILCO: stockholders meetings and reports, 1980-81

Box 4: M-R
Mack, William: interview in Good Living Magazine
Marburger Commission
Markey, Congressman Edward: House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations
Murphy, Kevin: Labor Business Taxpayers Coalition for Shoreham
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
News releases: Citizens for an Organized Energy Policy (COEP)
Nuclear embarrassments
Nuclear fuel cycle reprocessing
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
NRC: emergency planning and preparedness requirements
NRC: press release, 1987
Oickle, Alvin
On the Level: NYS Society of Professional Engineers Newsletter
Orazio, Angelo
Pearlstein, Sol: "A Tale of Two Power Plants"
People to People Blockade, Shoreham, NY
Plutonium: health effects
Press contacts
Prospect, Wayne
Purcell, Franci
Questionnaire results
Radiation: biological effects
Radiation: medical effects
Radiation: population doses
Radiation: population exposure (3f)
Radiation: Silkwood case
Radio and television appearances
Radio and television reports
Radioactive Waste Siting Commission documents
Residential Conservation Investments for 7 Investor Owned Electric Utilities

Box 5: Shoreham
Shoreham: assorted files, 1982
Shoreham: 1982 letters to the editor
Shoreham: 1982 membership applications
Shoreham: 1982 organization
Shoreham: 1982 probable issues
Shoreham: anti-Shoreham
Shoreham: chronology
Shoreham: cost
Shoreham: The Economics of the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant, Senate report
Shoreham: Environmental Risk Assessment for the Hazards of Electrical Energy
Shoreham: evacuation panel
Shoreham: evacuation plan
Shoreham: general
Shoreham: inspection
Shoreham: license
Shoreham: map and VLS comments on safety
Shoreham: news clippings and releases
Shoreham: Nuclear Power
Shoreham: NRC hearings, 1982
Shoreham: questions and answers
Shoreham: Radiochemistry Improvement Program
Shoreham: resident professionals
Shoreham: safety
Shoreham: VLS speeches and articles
Shoreham: security
Shoreham: Shoreham-Wading River residents
Shoreham: Social and Personal Factors Underlying Public Attitudes Toward Nuclear Energy
Shoreham: specifications
Shoreham: Statement of Contentions in the Operating License Proceeding, 1982
Shoreham: Suffolk County Emergency Plans
Shoreham: Suffolk County Officials, 1982
Shoreham: Task force (2f)
Shoreham: Taxes
Shoreham: testing
Shoreham: Touche Ross Study

Box 6: S-W
Safe Energy Communication Council
Sagan, Dr. Leonard
VLS: letters to the editor
VLS: Long Island Association, Sept. 7, 1983
VLS: Long Island University (Southampton), Sept. 27, 1987
VLS: "material to read"
VLS: news articles
VLS: Notes on Shoreham Opponents Coalition article
VLS: NYS legislature energy bills pending
VLS: nuclear propaganda
VLS: radio appearances
VLS: Rotary talks
Schwenk, Edwin
Science Concepts, Inc. Errors and misrepresentations in ABC's series, "The Fire Unleashed"
Scientists and Engineers for Secure Energy (SESC)
Scully, Peter
Sheehan, Thomas
Shoreham Opponents Coalition (SOC)
Shoreham-Wading River School District
Simpson, Senator Alan K.
Speaking engagements proposed - COEP
Speaking engagements completed - COEP
Spokesman training
Stehn, John R.
Sternglass, Dr. E. J.
Suffolk County Electric Agency
Suffolk County Legislature Correspondence
Suffolk County Legislature Hearings
Suffolk County Resolutions and Appropriations
Suffolk Scientists Correspondence
Swartz, Lucy
U.S. Council for Energy Awareness (USCEA), nuclear information
Utility Investment in Conservation, Robert Percival
Walsh, Ed
Watson, Dr. James (2f)
Weinstock, Eugene V.
Weinstock, op-ed
Weyl, Peter

Box 7: COEP Lawsuits
COEP members as of 1 October 1982
Notes, correspondence etc., re: proposed action against Suffolk county
LILCO vs. Suffolk County . Civil Action 83-4966, Judge Wexler
Citizens for an Orderly Energy Policy, Inc., vs. Suffolk County: CV 83-4966 (folder 1 of 2)
Citizens for an Orderly Energy Policy, Inc., vs. Suffolk County: CV 83-4966 (folder 2 of 2)
COEP: draft contentions for NRC and petition
COEP application: New York Supreme Court, Index No. 2481-89
Pacific Legal Foundation: 2 September 1982 letter with enclosure
Pacific Legal Foundation: 11th Annual Report, 1983/84
Pacific Legal Foundation: Docket # 85-7321, 85-7323, 85-7325
Pacific Legal Foundation: Appeal, May 1985
Pacific Legal Foundation: VLS files
Pacific Legal Foundation: press releases, articles
LILCO vs. Suffolk County
LILCO vs. Suffolk County: Judge Wexler
LILCO vs. Suffolk County: 84-2698
COEP petition . Docket No. 50-322-OL-3
Atomic Safety and Licensing Appeal Board
Atomic Safety and Licensing Board: Docket No. 50-322-OL-3, Emergency Planning (folder 1 of 3)
Atomic Safety and Licensing Board: Docket No. 50-322-OL-3, Emergency Planning (folder 2 of 3)
Atomic Safety and Licensing Board: Docket No. 50-322-OL-3, Emergency Planning (folder 3 of 3)
Atomic Safety and Licensing Board: Docket No. 50-322-OL-3, Emergency Planning . Attachments
Transcript of Appeals Board Oral Argument, 14 September 1983 . Docket No. 50-322-OL-3
NRC Appeal, COEP brief: Docket No. 50-322-OL-3
NRC Hearings, preparation for discovery: Docket No. 50-322-OL-3
Documents re: Suffolk County Legislature Emergency Preparedness Program
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA): Shoreham Emergency Evacuation Plan
Miller Place School Board Resolution re: Emergency Evacuation Plan
Shoreham-Wading River School District letter re: Emergency Evacuation Plan
COEP Petitions to NYS Supreme Court, 14 March 1990

Boxes 8 to 11
Press clippings, 1970-1995.