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Robert Payne Collection
Collection 293

Series Outline and Descriptions

Subgroup I. Writings

Series 1. Manuscripts
Includes articles and reviews, discards, drafts, final manuscripts, illustrations, production materials (for plays, for example), proofs and galleys, proposals, outlines, synopses, research notes, cards, clippings, and notebooks.

Series 2. Forewords, Introductions, Reviews, and Series Editing
Includes materials written, edited, and contributed by Robert Payne, as well as letters to the editor commenting on reviews written by Robert Payne.

Series 3. Magazine Articles
Includes published articles and publications by Robert Payne.

Series 4. Research Materials
Includes notes, notebooks, and related materials used research and writing.

Series 5. Reviews
Published reviews of works by Robert Payne.

Series 6. Manuscript Fragments

Series 7. Published Poems

Subgroup II. Correspondence

Series 1. Literary Correspondence by Title
Correspondence with publishers, agents, producers, managers, and others about published and unpublished manuscripts, works, and proposals. Arranged by title.

Series 2. Literary Correspondence by Publisher
Correspondence with publishers about published and unpublished manuscripts, other works and proposals, when the title or work is unclear from the text of the letter. Arranged by name of publishers.

Series 3. Other Correspondence
Correspondence with friends, acquaintances, fans, including literary matters, social engagements, and personal correspondence. In addition to letters from the named persons, folders may also include letters from Robert Payne to that person.


A. Literary and Personal Correspondence by Name
Arranged alphabetically by correspondent's last name.
B. Correspondence
Correspondence contains individual letters from acquaintances and associates. Correspondents are not listed individually. Arranged alphabetically by correspondent's last name. Includes a few letters addressed to Sheila L. Payne regarding Robert Payne.
C. Apartment Correspondence
Memoranda and correspondence regarding Mr. Payne's apartment on Central Park West in New York City.
D. Letters to others
Not listed individually.

Series 4. Family Correspondence

Letters to and from relatives, including literary correspondence between Robert Payne and his parents and his brother Alan. Also includes genealogical and general family correspondence.
The letters between Robert Payne and his parents provide personal knowledge and insight into world conditions from Robert Payne's perspective of travels in Europe, Singpore, China, and the United States. Biographical information as well as personal opinions about famous people are noted in these letters. The letters also provide insight into his method of gathering information and style of writings preparatory to writing his books. Stephen Payne's letters reflect his roles as a friend, editor, literary agent, critic, and supporter.


A. Robert Payne's Letters to his Parents, 1934-1972
B. Stephen Payne's Letters to Robert Payne, 1947-1972
C. Mireille Payne's Letters to Robert Payne
D. Correspondence with Other Relatives

Subgroup III. PEN American Center and Columbia University Translation Center

Series 1. Correspondence
Series 2. Organizational Materials
Series 3. Translation Committee Materials and Translated Material

Subgroup IV. Biography

Awards, calendars, diplomas, passports, wills, materials about Robert Payne.

Subgroup V. Family

Family personal papers, diaries, appointment books, and photographs relating to Stephen and Mireille (Dorey) Payne, Martha Dorey, and Anthony Payne.

Subgroup VI. Audio-Visual Materials

Series 1. Photographs

A. Illustrations for Books
B. Personal and Family

Series 2. Audiotapes and Film
Reel-to-reel audio tapes; cassette tapes, microfilm, long playing audio discs, 8 mm and 16 mm film, and slides.

Subgroup VII. Artifacts and Memorabilia

Subgroup VIII. Manuscripts by Other Authors

Series 1. Novels, Plays, Poems, and Other Creative Works of Art Intended for Publication
Series 2. Diaries, Notes, and Other Creative Materials Not Intended for Publication