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Robert Payne Collection
Collection 293

Subgroup VIII: Manuscripts by Other Writers

Series 1: Novels, Plays, Poems, and Other Creative Works of Art Intended for Publication

Box 1

  • Ahmed, Moudud. Bangladesh: Constitutional Quest for Autonomy 1950-1971. TMc; TMc, corrected
  • Alexander, Annalita Marsili. The Grinding Machine. TMc
  • American Playwrights' Stage. Proposal. TMc
  • Barker, Fred. Tsering and the Yeti. TMc (2 cops), AN
  • Bartlett, Hall, and Hailey, Arthur. Zero Hour. Screenplay. TMc
  • Bian, Zhilin (Pien, Chih-lin). Poems (A Draft). Translated from Chinese by the author. TMc
  • Bian, Zhilin (Pien, Chih-lin). The Red Trousers. Pr.Pg.c
  • Bian, Zhilin (Pien, Chih-lin). The Development of China's 'New Poetry' and the Influence from the West. TMc
  • Bian, Zhilin. Problems Facing Chinese Poetry Today. TMc

Box 2

  • Bobrinskoy, Alexis. The Beaver Wrap (Family Souvenirs). TMc
  • Brand, Millen. Dry Summer in Provence. TMc
  • Brennan, Norman, comp. Master Index to Movie Sound Serials. Part 2: Index of performers and directors. TMc
  • Campbell, J.S. The John Grafton Affair. Radio script. TMc
  • Chakravarty, Amiya. Visit to India and Bangladesh. TMc
  • Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich. The Island of Sakhalin. Transl. by Michael Terpak, Michael, and Terpak, Luba. 1965. TMc
  • Corinis, J.D., and Cosmatos, G.P. Christopher Columbus, Admiral of the Ocean Sea. A swashbuckling adventure. First draft of an original script. TMc

Box 3

  • Corinis, J.D. The Gold of Troy. Film treatment based on Robert Payne's book. TM, TMc. Restricted
  • Daniels, Guy. To Mom It May Concern. (From Being Nice.) TMc
  • Daniels, Guy. Skulduggery in the Sticks. (From Being Nice.) TMc
  • Darov, Anatole {Daroff, Anatole; Darow, Anatole}. The Hermitage. Being a chapter from Blockade by Anatol Daroff, a novel about the siege of Stalingrad. TMc, with holograph corrections by Robert Payne {Shelve with Russian Library?}
  • Darov, Anatole. Kuban' - Leningrad. TMc
  • DeFanti, Charles L., Jr. Edward Dahlberg: Notes Toward a Biography. Dissertation. New York University. June, 1974. TMc
  • Duke, Vernon. The Self-Supporting Composer. TMc
  • Echols, Frances {A student of Robert Payne at Alabama College}. The boy in the stall. TM
  • Embiricos, Alexandre. The Cretan School-Last Phase of Byzantine Painting. Review? Outline? TM
  • Fang, Mary. A day in the Summer Camp. TM. A Friend of Mine. AMs. On Talking Myself. AMs.
  • Friend, Robert, translator. Poems by Amichai, Yehuda; Chalfi, Abraham; Ravikovotch, Dahlia; Pagis, Dan; Hertz, Dahlia.
  • Frazer, Joan. Getting My Goat. Original screenplay. TMc
  • Gallagher, Michael. The Leopards of Boeotia. TMc
  • Gambotto, Pierre. The Myth of Time or Socrates, the Evil. TMc, TLS

Box 4

  • García Márquez, Gabriel. Bitterness for Three Sleepwalkers. TMc
  • Gibbons, James A. The Value of the Sword. Play. TMc
  • Hallmundsson, Hallberg. The Village. TMc
  • Horak, A. Claudius. TMc
  • I Look at the Past. TM, 3 p.
  • Kneubuhl, John. The Snipe Hunt. Screenplay. TMc
  • Koehler, Ludmila. A Forgotten Russian Thinker - N.A. Fedorov. TM
  • Lester, Henry E. The Dream of Troy. {Based on The Gold of Troy?} TMc. Restricted
  • Machado, Antonio. Figures of the Earth. TM
  • Malraux, Alain. Là Où Vous Etes. TMc
  • Mandelshtam, Osip? Translations of poems by Russell, Peter. TM, TMc, TLS
  • Meng, Yao. Floating Clouds-Bright Sun. Transl. by Meng, Yun and {?} Ui, Ma. TM, AN

Box 5

  • Monks, John, Jr. The Steeper Cliff. Screenplay. From the novel by Davison, David. TMc
  • Morris, Ira. The Bombay Meeting. A play, adapted from the novel of the same name. TMc, TLS
  • Nakashidse, George. Three Georgian Romantic Poets {The Georgian Romantics}. TM, corrected by Robert Payne; TMc
  • Péguy, Charles. Notre Dame de Chartres. TMc, 1 p.
  • Peterson, Virgilia. Translator's Devil. TM, corrected.
  • {Poems}. Some are dated 1973, 1974, places include New York City and Atlanta, Georgia. TMc
  • Prokofiev, Lina. TLS, 1962. Translated.
  • Ranald, Josef. The Ark of the Covenant. An original photoplay. TMc
  • Replansky, Naomi. The Darkening Green. TMs, TMc, 1 ALS.
  • Romanoff, Nikita N. Negotiating the Terms of the Peace Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. TMc.
  • Sewell, Elizabeth. Acquist. TM. ALS and TLS to Rukeyser, Muriel
  • Tandon, P.D., ed. Shri Vinoba Bhave (Gandhi's Disciple). TMc, corrected.
  • Traho, R., pseud. Circassians. TMc. Gurey, C., TLS
  • Tucker, Shirley. Swine Development at the Heart of the Fair. An Intense Spoof. TM, correspondence, editorial suggestions by Robert Payne.
  • Vani. In French. AMc

Box 6

  • Morris, Ivan. The Tale of the Genji Scroll. Text, translation, and commentary by Ivan Morris. Introduction by Yoshinobu Tokugawa. TMc
  • Sacco, P. Peter. The Moon is Rising. AMusMSc
  • Ziomek, David. The Russia I Knew. TMc

Series 2. Diaries, Notes, and Other Creative Materials Not Intended for Publication

Box 1

  • Davis, Noel. Personal journal. New York City. 1952-1958, 1961. Diary kept from age 23 to 30. Holograph. Ledger. 504p.
  • Stead, Rexford. Outlines for art history lectures. Undated.