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Chinese Cuisine American Palate: An Anthology.
Edited by Jacqueline M. Newman and Roberta Halporn.

Dr. Jacqueline M. Newman Chinese Cookbook Collection
Collection 365

Donated by Dr. Jacqueline M. Newman in 2002 with yearly subsequent accessions through 2019.
Access the Research Guide for Searching the Collection and Researching Chinese Culinary History

In 2002, Queens College professor emeritus and lifetime collector of Chinese cookbooks Jacqueline M. Newman donated her collection of more than 5,000 books, the largest collection of its kind, to Stony Brook University. These books provide a valuable record of the Chinese Diaspora that has carried its rich cuisine to every corner of the world. She has made annual donations of research materials to the collection. In 2018, she established the Jacqueline M. Newman Endowed Fund to ensure the collection is maintained in perpetuity and to support related programming. In addition to the cookbooks, Dr. Newman also donated a large set of herbal medicine books, collections of haute cuisine magazines, archival materials, videos, CD-Roms, and more than 4000 slides. The initial donation of more than 7,000 items was valued at over $500,000. "I hope that this collection does more than just produce interest in Chinese cuisine," said Dr. Newman. "Food is a lot more than cooking. I'm looking to broaden the conceptualization of food because it has anthropologic, sociologic, cultural and historic significance, and more."  "I looked at several places for my collection and chose Stony Brook for a variety of reasons. Of course, I've known President Kenny for several years from Queens College, but the building of the new Charles B. Wang Center celebrating Asian and American cultures and the University's desire to build a major Asian studies program really convinced me," Dr. Newman said. "The fact that Stony Brook has a special collections area means that the books will be preserved in perpetuity and in the proper fashion." The University Libraries converted Dr. Newman's extensive annotated bibliography to a web-searchable database accessible through the University Libraries' discovery catalog, thereby making the collection of cookbooks known to the world.  "Historians and social scientists are increasingly interested in daily life," said Kristen Nyitray, Head of Stony Brook's Special Collections. "These cookbooks open a window on immigrant lives that otherwise remain hidden. We are honored and delighted that Dr. Newman has chosen Stony Brook as the repository for her significant collection." Dr. Newman has collected Chinese cookbooks for more than 50 years, beginning when she received her first Chinese cookbook as a wedding present. Chinese cooking developed into her area of research and special interest. She wrote her Ph.D. thesis on changing Chinese food habits in New York City, is the editor and publisher of the quarterly magazine Flavor and Fortune which is dedicated to Chinese cuisine, and has edited and authored many books and articles. In 2002, Dr. Newman stated, "This collection is like a child to me," she said. "It is hard to part with it, but I know that it will be in excellent hands at Stony Brook."

Scope and Content Note
The Jacqueline M. Newman Collection consists of six series: books; slides; videos; CDs and DVDs; filmstrips. The series original order has been maintained where applicable and re-created in others to assist researchers more easily. Items housed in acidic or metal housings have been removed from these housings for preservation reasons and have been placed in acid free folders and containers. All metal fasteners have been removed and replaced in accordance with accepted archival standards of preservation. In citing the collection, please credit it as follows: Dr. Jacqueline M. Newman Chinese Cookbook Collection, Special Collections, Stony Brook University Libraries. Materials within this collection may be located with the use of the collection's finding aid available in hardcopy and online through the University's Libraries webpage.

Series Descriptions

Series I: Books (5,000 titles) 
Series II: Journals and magazines (more than 50 titles)
Includes Bon Appetit, Food and Wine, Gourmet, Journal of the American Dietetic Association, and Saveur.
Series III: Slides (5,397 items)
Images of ancestor worship, Bangkok, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and fruits and vegetables.
Series IV: Videocassettes (14 items).
Series V: CD-ROMs (software and music) and DVDs (18 items).
Series VI: Filmstrips (100 items).
Series VII: 2014 Acquisition (includes artifacts, moon cake molds, a noodle maker, DVDs, and cassettes)

Rights and Permissions
Stony Brook University Libraries' consent as the physical owner of the collection does not address copyright issues that may affect publication rights. It is the sole responsibility of the user of Special Collections and University Archives materials to investigate the copyright status of any given work and to seek and obtain permission where needed prior to publication.    


Series I: Books

Series II: Journals and Magazines

A: Magazine Inside Asian American
August/September 1999-Feb/March 2001

American Chinese World
April 2002

All Asian Food
October 26 & 27 2004, October 9 & 10 2005

Asian Restaurant News
October 2004, January-December 2005, 2006-July 2008

aapi nexus
Winter/Spring 2004

Alternative Therapies
May/June 2005, March/April 2005

Asian Food
October/November/December 2004, January/February-November/December 2005, January/February-July/August 2006 (2 copies of July/August 2006)

Asian Home Gourmet
Volume 3 No. 1 Issue 7, Volume 3 No. 2 Issue 8

Beard House
Spring 2003 – 2006

Better Home and Gardens
August and December 2008

Bon Appetit
July-Dec 2002; January - December 2003-2008

Chef Educator Today
Summer 2003, Autumn 2007, Winter 2007, Summer 2008

Chinese Books and Periodicals
Winter 2000, Summer 2006

China Today

December 2006

Chinese Chef News

October 2006, January 2007, April 2007, July 2007

Chinese Restaurant Magazine

May 2005

Chinese Restaurant News
August/September 2002, February/May/December 2003, January/February/May/July/August/November/December 2004,
2005(no March, November)
2006 (no January, February, April, June, September, November)
January, February, May, October, November, 2007
February 2008

Holiday 2004

Conference: Proceedings of the Association for the Study of Food and Society
1987 -1988

Cook's Country
2006 (4 copies, years not identified)

Cooking Light
February-September, November, 2004
May-August, December 2005
April-May 2006

Cook’s Illustrated
Volume 1, 1992
January, February, October, December 1995
February, April, August, December 1996
February, April, May/June-November/December 1997
March/April-November/December 1998
January/February-November/December 1999
January/February-November/December 2000
January/February-November/December 2001 (2 copies of July/August)
January/February-November/December 2002

Cook’s Magazine


November 2001, May, July 2004

Cuisine: A Feast for the Senses

Cuisine: An Illustrated Guide to Creative Home Cooking
September/October 2000; November/December 2000

Cuisine at Home
October 2002 - October 2004 (no October 2003); 2006

Dietary Culture Research

December 2003

Digest: An Interdisciplinary Study of Food and Foodways


February/March 2008

August 2007

Easy Life


Eating Well
Summer 2002 - 2004 (3 issues missing); February/March - December/January 2005 – 2006; February, April, August, December 2007; February, April, August 2008

Edible Boston
Summer 2006

Winter 1972; Spring/Winter 1973; February/March 1974

Ethnic and Regional Food Practices: A Series


January 2005

Family Circle

November 2007; September, November 2008

Family Consumer Sciences
April, September 2006

Feng Shui
March, April, and June 1999

Field and Feast
Spring 2005

Fine Cooking
February/March 1997; Winter 2004; Winter 2005; June/July 2006

Flavor and Fortune
Fall 1994; April, July, September, December 1995; March, June, September, December 1996; March-December 1997; 1998-2005; Spring,Summer,Winter 2006; Spring 2008; Spring 2009

Food and Wine
October, November 2000; July - December 2002; January 2003; July, September - December 2004; January - December 2005; 2007 (no February); 2008

Food Arts
July/August 2002; April - December 2005; January - December 2006 ; 2007; 2008

Food Illustrated

July 1999

Food Quality
February/March, August/September 2006

Food Service Technology
Volume 1(1) 2001

Food Technology
March, April 2003; May, June, September, December 2004; March, April, June, July, August, October, November, December 2006; 2007 (no March); January, February 2008

Food & Wine
January - December 2006

Good Housekeeping

August 2007; January, October, December 2008

1941-2008 (no January 2008)

Gourmet News

July 2007

Gourmet Retailer

July 2007

Gourmet World Magazine

August 2005

Great Kosher Restaurants Magazine

International Edition 2007

Guizhou Culture of Food

No. 3, 2007

Herbs for Health
May/June, November/December 1999

Hongkong Enterprise Supplement: Food
Volume 1, 2000

Hotel Yummy
October-December 2007

Fall 2002; Spring, April, May, August, September, October, November 2003; June, July 2005; June, July, August 2006; September 2007

Volume 1(1) 2002; Volumes 2(2) and (3) 2003; Volume 3, 6, 8, 2004; Volume 9-12, 2005; Volume 13, 14, 2006

Italian Food, Wine and Travel
October/November 2000

Jeschke Greve & Hauft

Auktion 30, Maai 2004

Journal of American Folklore

Summer 2007; Spring 2007

Journal of Chinese Dietary Culture
Volume 1(1) and 1(2), 2005
Volume 2(2), 2006
Volume 3(1), 2007
Volume 4(1-2), 2008

Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences
January, April, September, November 2003; April, September 2006; April, September 2007; January, April, September 2008

Journal of Library and Information Science
October 2004

Journal of Medicinal Food

Spring 1998

Journal of the American College of Nutrition
August, October 2003; August, October 2004; February, April 2006

Journal of the American Dietetic Association
December 2002; January – October plus supplement 2003; August, September, November, December 2004; January, February, June, July, 2005; February, March, April, May 2006; August plus supplement 2007

Kosher Gourmet
January/February 1991

Ladies' Home Journal

November 2007

Leisures of Cooking


Metro Asian Food

October 2006; December 2007; January-July 2008

Natural Selections

December 2008

Neutraceuticals World
March/April 1999; July/August 1999; September/October 1999

Nosh News
Fall/Winter 2003

Nutraceuticals World

March 2000

Oriental Pantry

Volume 4

Original Internist
Summer 2005; September 2007

Penzeys One
Volume 1 (no. 1) 2005

Pleasures of Cooking


Qi: Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness

Spring 2000 (plus one issue not dated)

Quarterly of the Foundation of Chinese Dietary Culture
Volume 8(1), (2) and 8(4), 2002
Volume 9(1) and 9(2) and 9(3) and 9(4), 2003
Volume 10(2) and 10(3), 2004
Volume 11(1) and 11(2), 2005
Volume 12(1) and 12(2) and 12(3) and 12(4), 2006
Volume 13 (1), (2), (3), (4), 2008
Volume 14 (2), 2008

Redwing Reviews

January 2000

June 2003; May, September, November 2004; May, June, September, and November 2005; March/April, May, June. July/August, September, November, December 2006; March/April, May, June, July/August, September, October, November, December 2007, Annual Buying Guide; March/April, May, December 2008, Annual Buying Guide  

November/December 1994; September/October - November/December 1995; January - December 1996 -2005 (no April 1991); January-December 2006
January-December, 2007
January-December, 2008

Shen’s Books

Spring 2002

Scientific America

October 2008

Volume 25 (1)
Volume 26 (6 & 10)
Volume 27 (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10)
Volume 28 (1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)
Volume 29 (1-12)
Volume 30 (1-3, 6, 8, 11, 12)
Volume 31 (1)

April 2006

Specialty Foods
January/February - November/December 2006 (Missing March, July, August)
January/February-November/December 2007 (Missing March )

Taiwan’s Panorama

February/May 2006


November 25, 2000

Taste of Home–Quick Cooking
November 2000

Tenren’s Tea

TimeOut NewYork


Tribune Queens 100

February/March 2006

Unshakable, The: Rebirth of S.F. Chinatown in 1906

Upton Tea Quarterly
Fall, Winter2006
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter 2007
Spring, Summer 2008

Walong Marketing, Inc: Product Catalog

Wegman’s Menu
Winter 2002

Well-Being of Asian American Senior Citizens: Proceedings of the AAARI Conference on Asian Senior Citizens

May 2006

Where: Singapore: Into the West
May 2001

Women's Day

November 2007

Series III: Slides

Box 1

Ancestor Worship (25)
Bangkok 1978 (128)
Cheng Zhou 1978 and 1982 (142)
China-Beijing 1980 (192)
China-Beijing 1990-91, Peking 1978(130)
China-Beijing, Peking 1980 and 1982 (162)
China-Beijing, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1991 (200)
China-Beijing 1989-1990, Peking 1978 (200)

Box 2

China-Beijing 1986 and 1989-90, Peking 1978 (160)
China-Guang Zhou 1978, 1980 and 1982 (86)
China-Hang Zhou 1986, 1988 and 1991(63)
China-Jinan 1986 (75)
Loyang 1978 (125)
China-Mt. Tai 1986 (19)
China-Qingdao 1986 (36)
China-Qufu 1986 and 1991 (31)
China-Shanghai 1980, 1982, 1986 and 1988 (301)
China-Shenzhen 1982 (11)
China-Xining and Bird Island 1988 (114)
China-Yenan 1986 and 1988 (66)
Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival (46)
Guilin (Kwliun) 1982 (28)

Box 3

Hong Kong 1976, 1978 and 1980 (252)
Japan 1980, 1994 and 2001 (238)
Maps, China (32)
Nanjing 1980 (193)
Shichachuang 1978 (242)
Singapore 2001 (23)
Suzhou 1980 (37)
Taiwan 1982(117)
Xian 1978 (234)

Box 4

Beverages (206)
Birth (7)
Birthdays (9)
Chinese Banquet Presentations (114)
Cookbooks-Chinese (11)
Cooking Equipment (37)
Dim Sum (97)
Fruits (39)
General Fruits and Vegetables (580) 3 Folders

Box 5

General Fruits and Vegetables (146)
Herbal (50)
Meats (219)
Mixed Items (365)
Restaurants and Take-Out Menus (35)
Rice (16)
Vegetables (184)
Wheat Products (124)
Yin Yang Research (22)

Box 6

Actual Foods (Appetizers to Desserts) (35)
Additives (15)
American/Teenager Consumption and Spending (15)
Digestion in Nutrition (20)
Fats and Heart Game (13)
Food Service Communications in Learning (73)
Hospital Diet Menus (17)
Humor (12)
Kitchen Equipment (37)
Minerals (37)
Pancakes and Crepes (18)
Salt in Diet (10)
Sanitation and Safety (70)
General Notes (35)
Miscellaneous (20)
Survey and Nutrition Assessment (12)
Vitamins (25)
What About Food Additives? (81)

Series IV: Videocassettes (14 items)

Box 7

Hadady, Letha. Asian Health Secrets
China: Amazing Marriage Customs
Su-Huei, Huang. Chinese Garnishes I: Sculptured Flowers
Su-Huei, Huang. Chinese Garnishes II: Cutting Technique
Smith, Jeff. The Chinese Kitchen with Jeff Smith

Box 8

Hong, Roger. Chinese Video Cookbook
Hom, Jen. Guide to Chinese Cooking with Ken Hom
Aoki, Rocky. Quick & Easy Chinese Cooking
Raise the Red Lantern
Chen, Helen. Stir-Fry with Helen Chen
About China,

Box 9

Basic Chinese Cuisine, Video Cooking Library
Yen, Tommy and Tina Yen. Chinese Cooking at Home…It’s Easy
Ross, Rosa. Chinese Cooking with Rosa Ross, presented by Rocky Aoki

Series V: CD-ROMs (software and music) and DVDs (18 items)

Box 10

Asian American Leadership Conference: Healing and Rebuilding New York, May 10, 2002 (2 copies)
Best of Hong Kong: The Culinary Chronicle 1996
Chang, Agnes. Agnes Chang’s Tasty Temptations
Chun, Annie. Annie Chun’s All Natural 2002
Culinary Excursion through China, 1995
Gouw, Cynthia. Cynthia Gouw’s interview with Jacqueline M. Newman on KQED Public Radio
November 2002
Greey, Madeline. Easy Chinese Cooking with Madeline Greey
Greey, Madeline. World Cuisine Chinese 1996
Honey Barbara 2002
Matsu – Taiwan’s Guardian Goddess
Nomadic Chef Presents: Music and Recipes of the Orient
Seek – Sip – Savour – Asian Cuisine, at-sunrice 2001
Taiwan Food Showcase 2001
Taiwan Kagome Co., Ltd. Catalog
Tour Guilin 2000
Twinings Tea 2002-2003 New Product Press Kit
Visual Chinese Cookbook 1995
Xinjiang Tour

Series VI: Filmstrips

Box 11

1-Adventures in ProTen Beef Cookery presented by Swift
2-All About Garnishes by Ekco Housewares Co. Produced by Douglas Film Industries Chicago, IL.
3-All About Garnishes Presented by Ecko Housewares Co. Produced by Douglas Film Industries, Chicago, IL
4-All About Knives Presented by Ecko Housewares Inc. Produced by Douglas Film Industries Chicago, IL
5-All About Knives presented by Ekco Housewares co. Produced by Douglas Film Industries, Chicago, IL
6-All About Rice
7-An Inside Story: Making Cereals from the Cereal Institute Inc, Chicago
8-Ann’s Additive Story
9 -Art of Brewing Tea, The by the Audio Visual School Service
10-Avocado by Calif. Avocado Board L.A, Calif., 90010
11-Ben-Hur Film Strip
12-Biscuit Bakin’ and Muffin Mixin’
13-Biscuits Plain and Fancy by the Betty Crocker Film Library, Minneapolis, Minn.
14-Breakfast Cereals in Today’s Lifestyles by Cereal Institute Inc.
15-Careers in Home Economics by National Film Board, Canada
16-Chinese Cooking: Pepper Steak, Rice, Cucumber Salad by Encore with booklet and cassette tape
17-Cookbook (Fish Cookbook) by the Stanley Bowman Co.
18-Crystal Touch, The Presented by Fostoria Fostoria Glass Company, West Virginia
19-Double Duty Dishes: Planning and Purchasing for Quantity and Quality by Reynolds Wrap produced by Animatic 20-Productions, NY
20-Dried Eggs
21-Egg Basics produced by the Poultry and Egg National Board
22-English Table Glass
23-Ethnic Foods: Chinese Cooking by Guidance Associates with booklet and cassette tape (2 film strips, 2 cassette tapes, one booklet in box)
24-Ethnic Foods: French Cooking by Guidance Associates with booklet and cassette tape
25-Ethnic Foods: Italian Cooking by Guidance Associates with booklet and cassette tape
26-Ethnic Foods: The World of Ethnic Cooking by the Guidance Association with booklet and cassette tape
27-Exploration in Nutrition Education, 1947
28-Exploration in Nutrition Education by N.Y.U Nutrition Project
29-Exploring New York City for Birds
30-Face Facts by Tussy Medicare
31-FAO In the Field
32-Feeding Your Young Children by the National Dairy Council Chicago, IL 60606
33-Focus on Cookware
34-Food Through the Ages by the Manufacturing Chemists’ Association Inc.
35-Foods of Hawaii: Their Cultural Background by C and H Sugar
36-Freezer Living: Freezer Techniques for Modern Living and Entertaining by Reynolds Wrap. Produced by Animatic Productions, N.Y
37 -Fried Foods for Menu Magic produced for Procter and Gamble
38-From the Ice Age to the Frozen Food Age presented by the Kitchens of Sara Lee
39-From the Ice Age to the Frozen Food Age presented by the Kitchens of Sara Lee
40-General Housekeeping
41-Ground Beef: Passport to Far-away Eating
42-Ground Beef: Passport to Far-away Eating by the Evaporated Milk Association
43-Guide to Cheese Learning for Living Series by Kraft
44-Guide to Cheese Making. Learning for Living Series by Kraft
45-Guide to Vegetables Learning for Living Series by Kraft
46-Hidden Enemies in Your Home presented by Lysol Home Health Information Bureau
47-Hooray for Chicken! by the National Broiler Council Washington, DC 20005
48-Hostess with the Mostest by Oneida Silversmiths produced by Hartley
49-How Food Is Digested Tech-O-Filmstrip by Popular Science Publishing Audio Visual Division
50-In Praise of Lamb by the Lamb Education Center National Headquarters Denver, CO
51-In Way to Meal Making, The by Campbell Soup Cooperation
52-Interview and How to be a Better Employee, The Part 2 produced by Award Records and Film Co.
53-Lands of the Far East: Rivers and Rice in Thailand
54-Learning from Labels presented by the Evaporated Milk Association
55-Magic Apple Bowl Presented by Washington State Apple Commission
56-Mainliner Meals by United Air Lines
56a- Mealtime Could be Magic
57-Mealtime Planning by the Betty Crocker Film Library
58-Mix and Match for Good Meals presented by the Evaporated Milk Association
59-News Writing 1.What Makes News? by Filmstrip House
60-News Writing 2. News Story Structure by Filmstrip House
61-News Writing 3. Writing the Lead by Filmstrip House
62-News Writing 4. News Words, Sentences, and Paragraphs by Filmstrip House
63-Nutrients in Foods Teach-O-Filmstrip by Popular Science Publishing Audio Visual Division
64-On-Target Meals: Action for Health presented by the Evaporated Milk Association
65-Outdoor Cooking Adventures presented by The Reynolds Wrap Kitchens
66-Outdoor Cooking Made Easier and Better by Reynolds Wrap, produced by Animatic Productions, NY
67-Parties from Packages presented by Swift
68-Party Planning: Menus, Recipes, Decorations by Reynolds Wrap, produced by Animatic Productions, NY
69-Patterns for Parties by Towle Silversmiths Audio Visual Associates NY
70-Peanuts for the Good and Healthy Life by the National Peanut Council, 1979 with cassette tape
71-Pictorial Meal Planning by Del Monte Foods Distributed by California Packing Corporation
72-Rumor Clinic by the Anti-Defamation League (not received)
73-Safeguarding Our Food, The Community Health Series McGraw-Hill Book Co. A Young America Film Strip
74-Science Tells Us Why Food Additives Manufacturing Chemists Association
75-Secrets of Seasoning from Five Countries by McCormick
76-Secrets of Seasoning from Five Countries by McCormick
77-Shaping a Nation Part I by the National Livestock and Meat Board, 1984 with cassette tape
78-Shaping a Nation Part II by the National Live Stock and Meat Board, 1984 with cassette tape
79-Slidefilm in Teaching, The by Young America Films Inc.
80-Spending Your Food Dollars by the Money Management Institute Prudential Plaza Chicago, IL 60601
81-Sterling Silver Art Treasure for Today by Sterling Silver Guild of America
82-Sterling Silver on Your Table by Towle Silversmiths Produced by Caravel Films Inc. NY
83-Sterling Silver Way, The by the Sterling Silversmiths of America produced by Animatic Productions
84-Sterling Story, The by Towle Silversmiths Audio Visual Associates, NY
85-Story of Coffee, The by the Pan-American Coffee Bureau, NY
86-Table Modes and Manners by the Melamine Council
87-Table Talk Etiquette Series by McGraw-Hill Book Co.
87a-Tableware Themes and Variations
88-Teflon in the Kitchen by Dupont
89-Testing Food and Nutrients Teach-O-Filmstrip by Popular Science Co. Audio Visual Division
90-To Serve All Mankind
91-Trick of Yeast Rolls and Coffee Cakes, The by the Wheat Flower Institute
92-Vitamin C Makes a Difference by Sunkist Growers, Inc. Van Nuys, Calif.
93-Western Iceberg Lettuce: The Main Attraction Produced by Vista Production Inc.
94-What’s In Our Food: For Second and Third Grade
95-Why Eat a Good Breakfast? From Cereal Institute
96-Why We Eat Fruit by The Stanley Bowmar Co. NY
97-World of Wonderful Foods, The
98-You, The Shopper by Money Management Institute Chicago, Ill.
99-Your Food- Chance or Choice? Presented by the National Dairy Council and Affiliated Units, produced by Reid H Ray Film Industries
100-Your Sterling Start to Finish by Towle Silversmiths Produced by Caravel Films, Inc. NY

-Money Management: Your Shopping Dollar
-Teaching About Food Labeling Leader’s Guide
-Lisa Yam’s World of Family Cooking

Series VII: 2014 Acquisition

Box 12 (CDs and Cassettes)

Instant Immersion Chinese-World Talk
Learn Chinese Now
Interactive Chinese
Pimsler Chinese
Rosetta Stone Chinese
VocabuLearn Chinese
Mandarin Chinese Language tapes
Elementary Chinese Readers 1 (study tapes 1-4)
Elementary Chinese Readers 2 (study tape 5)

Box 13 (Awards and Contracts)
11/28/2012: Gratitude for "Contributions to Chinese Hangzhou Cuisine Museum." Curator Dai Ning.
10/27/2013: Letter of appointment, "Honorary Professor of Culinary Tourism, Department at Zhejiang Agriculture and Business College
10/27/2013: Letter of appointment, "Visiting Research Fellow of Chinese Dietary Culture Institute at Zhejiang Gongshang University, October 2013-September 2016
11/28/2012: Contract, hiring as "Chinese Hangzhou Cuisine Museum's First Overseas Academic Advisor" 

Box 14
Silk wall hangings (2)
Silvers spoons manufacturing set (pattern titled "Affection"
Color photograph: Hangzhou International Conference (November 2012)
Color photograph: Shaoxing International Food Conference (October 2013)

Boxes 15-16 (containers)
36 wooden moon cake molds (7 of which on loan to Wang Center, Stony Brook University)