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Environmental Defense Fund Archive

Type of Material: Record Group 1: Founders' Papers
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Environmental Defense Fund Archive
Collection 232

Record Group 1: Founders' Papers
Sub-group II: Arthur P. Cooley Papers

Collection Description:
Research files, correspondence, financial documents, newsletters, clippings and memos, 1966-1977.
2.5 linear ft.
Processed by Meredith Bouchard, 2003. Updated in August 2009 and April 2014.

Biographical Note

Scope and Content Note
Series Descriptions
Box and Container Listing

Biographical Note

Arthur Cooley is a former Bellport High School biology teacher, co-founder of EDF, and an environmentalist. In the mid-1960s, he was Chairman of the Brookhaven Town Natural Resources Committee (BTNRC), an environmental organization dedicated to preserving the resources of the local area. Among the members were members of Brookhaven National Lab and students at Bellport High School.

In 1966, Victor Yannacone Jr., a lawyer developing a class action suit, called upon the scientific expertise of the BTNRC. The suit was against the Suffolk County Mosquito Control Commission, and the issue was the application of DDT. The case sparked a series of events leading to a ban on the pesticide. Because of a demand for the legal and scientific approach to environmental problems, EDF was formed in 1967. Arthur Cooley succeeded Dennis Puleston as Chairman of the Board of Trustees in 1972, serving until 1975.

Today Mr. Cooley remains active on the Board of Trustees of Environmental Defense, is an expedition leader and a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Scope and Content Note

The papers span 1966-77 and form a snapshot of Mr. Cooley’s professional interests and activities. The collection is comprised of research files, correspondence, financial documents, newsletters, clippings and memos. There are 3 series: EDF Correspondence & Memoranda, EDF Documents, and Brookhaven Town.

Series Descriptions

Series 1:  Environmental Defense Fund Correspondence & Memoranda [1 linear ft.]
Arrangement: Chronological; the files are grouped according to their origin

This series consists of memoranda discussing potential litigation, program development and issues for the Executive Committees and Board of Trustees.

Series 2:  Environmental Defense Fund Documents [1 linear ft.]
Arrangement: Alphabetical by subject.

The series contains a copy of amendment to incorporation, clippings, office bulletins and subject files.

Series 3:  Brookhaven Town Subject Files [5 inches]
Arrangement: Alphabetical subject files of local environmental interest.

This series is of an overview of environmental challenges to Brookhaven Town. Topics include dredging concerns, wildlife, and water pollution.

Box and Container Listing

SERIES 1:  Environmental Defense Fund Correspondence & Memoranda

Box 1

Correspondence, 1971-1977
Copies of correspondence from EDF staff, 1971-1977

Incoming, 1974-1976
To the Board of Trustees, 1976-1977
To the Executive Committee, 1972-1977

Box 2

Memoranda--to the Litigation Review Committee:
From the California office, 1971-1977
From the Colorado office, 1976
From the NY office, 1976
From the Washington office, 1976-1977

Program proposals, 1972
Energy program, undated
Membership activities, 1976
Toxics program, 1976
Wildlife program, 1976

SERIES 2: Environmental Defense Fund Documents

Box 3

Certificate of amendment to the certificate of incorporation (copy), 1976
Executive Committee agendas, undated

Office Bulletins (incomplete):
New York, 1977
Colorado, 1976
East Setauket, 1975-1977
Washington DC, 1975-1977

Clippings-Coal leasing, 1975
Press releases--EDF, 1976

Subject Files:
Bonneville Power Administration
California Water Plan
Carcinogens (Food Additives), undated
Case progress reports, undated
Coal mining, 1975
Conservation Foundation Annual Report, 1965-1976
Environmental impact statement guidelines, undated

Box 4

Subject Files continued:
Federal Water Pollution Control Act, 1977
Genetic research regulation, 1976
Land Use statement-EDF, 1975
Marine mammals case (Alaska), 1977
Pesticide Management, 1976
Pollution (Colorado), 1977
Refuse Power (Environmental Technology Seminar), 1976
Tuna Porpoise Issue, 1977
Truman Dam and Reservoir, 1971
TRIS, 1976
Whaling, 1976
Your Organization United, 1975

Box 5

Financial documents, 1975-1977

SERIES 3:  Brookhaven Town Subject Files

Box 6

Gelband, Myra. (1969). Brookhaven Town Natural Resources Committee: A Call to Action.

Detergents & water pollution [clippings], 1970
Dredging ordinance, 1966-1967
Dredging permit application (Levon Properties), nd
Duck industry & water pollution, 1968-1970
John Boyle Island--Tern Colony protection, 1968-1970
Kingfisher Legislation, 1967-1968
Pesticide ordinance, 1968-1969
Refuse disposal, 1969
Swan Lake Development, 1967-1970

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