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AIDC 100 Archive - Richard Meyers Collection

Collection Number
SC 368

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Richard Meyers

Donated in September 2002 by Richard Meyers.

Extent, Scope, and Content Note 
The Richard Meyers Collection consists of three cubic ft.  personal papers and writings, video recordings, artifacts and slides created between 1971 and 1997. Books, periodicals and conference proceedings have been removed from the collection and cataloged. 

Arrangement and Processing Note
Processed by F. Jason Torre, September 2004.
Finding aid edited and revised by Kristen J. Nyitray, July 2013, March 2014, May 2019.

Series 1: Personal Papers and Writings, 1971-1997
Series 2: Artifacts, 1983-1989 
Series 3: Video Recordings, 1991 
Series 4: Slides, 1982-1984


Restrictions on Access
The collection is open to researchers without restriction.

Rights and Permissions 
Stony Brook University Libraries' consent to access as the physical owner of the collection does not address copyright issues that may affect publication rights. It is the sole responsibility of the user of Special Collections and University Archives materials to investigate the copyright status of any given work and to seek and obtain permission where needed prior to publication.  

[Item], [Box], Richard Meyers Collection, Special Collections and University Archives, Stony Brook University Libraries.

Historical Note
Richard B. Meyers was founder and President of Delta Services in 1988 and worked with Bar Coding and other Automatic ID Technologies for 42 years until his retirement in 2010.  He is Chairman Emeritus of the AIDC 100. Prior to his retirement, Meyers served in management positions that have been related to and aimed at the enhancement of the manufacturing and retailing industries. He was a frequent speaker at industry trade shows. In addition to writing two books, he authored “The Ten Commandments of Bar Coding” plus many articles for world-wide publication. He spent many years working on various standards committees including the AIAG and FACT and has provided guidance to many individual companies and organizations for the purpose of creating their internal bar code standards. Meyers spent nearly 25 years with NCR as a Systems Analyst, Marketing Director and Product Manager. He also was an Assistant-to-the President of an apparel manufacturer and spent 10 years with a major department store as a buyer. He has been closely associated with senior executives on a worldwide basis and has conducted seminars in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and South Africa. In 1997, Meyers was inducted as a charter member of the prestigious AIDC 100 organization. For nearly eight years, he served as Chairman of AIDC 100 and currently is a member of the Leadership Council. He has received numerous awards for meritorious service to the AIDC industry.

Automatic identification and data capture.
Bar coding.
Bar coding -- Equipment and supplies.
System identification.  
Automatic data collection systems.


Series 1: Personal Papers and Writings
Separation Note: The following titles have been removed from the collection and cataloged.

Beginner’s Reference Guide to Bar Code Labeling, T.L. Ashford, undated
Automatic Identification: Questions and Answers. Auto ID News, 1992
Getting Started with Bar Codes: A Systematic Guide, 5th Ed. Bushnell consulting Corp., 1990

Box 1

Delta Services Press Release (resume), undated
Richard B. Meyers Publications List, 2000
Birth of a Standard, undated
The Birth of a Standard (Presentation), undated
Cost Justification for Bar Coding, undated
Data and Application Identifier Standards, undated
Data Identifier Dilemma: To Be or Not To Be? undated
Diagnosis: surgery for Hospitals, undated
Getting Started with Bar Coding (Presentation), undated
NCR-Bar Code Data Collection, 8th ed., undated
Technology Awareness, undated
Ten Commandments of Bar Coding, undated
Solving the Mystery of Bar Coding, undated
Verification Procedures, undated
Press Conference- December 10, 1971- R.B. Meyers (Speech_, December 10, 1971
How Bar Code Reading Works (Identicon Corp.), 1982
Bar Coding Seminar Proceedings (See pg. 28, "Bar Code for Industrial Systems"), September 12-14, 1983
Reading between the Lines: An Introduction to Bar Coding Technology (Seminar brochure), November 15, 1984
Industrial/Retail Bar Coding Seminars: Bar Codes-What are they? Why use Them? How to Use Them. October 15-17, 1984
NCR-Source Data Management Bar Code Requirements, 1985
Bar Code for Industrial Systems (Brochure), April 17, 1985
Reading between the Lines: An Introduction to Bar Coding Technology (Seminar brochure), May 21-23, 1985
Why Bar Code (Seminar brochure), June 10, 1985-February 19, 1986
SCAN-TECH Europe '86 Conference Proceedings (See page 28, "Bar codes Make it Happen"), 1986
NCR-Bar Code Symbology Specification, B1, 1987
NCR-Bar Code Product ID/End unit Identification Label Specification, B2, 1987
NCR-Bar Code Shipping/Parts Identification Label Specification, B3, 1987
NCR-Bar Code Individual Part Identification Specification, B4, 1987
NCR-Bar Code Data Identifiers Specification, B6, 1987
Birth of a Standard (reprint), April 1988
Union Carbide's 'Skill Center' is a think tank for Auto ID (Interview), January 1991
Technology Awareness Conferences (Brochure), 1995
The Bar Code Learning System (Brochure),1997

Box 2

EDI files, 1988 (2f)
EDI files, 1991

Series 2: Artifacts

Box 3

Item Name: Plug-in Class 2 Condor Transformer
Item Name: Videx Plug-in Class 2 Transformer
Item Name: Archer AC Adaptor
Item Name: Videx Time Wand. Manufacturer: Videx, Inc. 1985. Description: Credit card sized bar code verifier that sounds musical tunes to alert the user of the code status.
Item Name: Videx Time Wand II. Manufacturer: Videx, Inc., undated Description: Credit card sized bar code verifier with touch button keypad on front of the artifact used to alert the user of the code status.
Item Name: Videx Time Wand III. Manufacturer: Videx, Inc., undated Description: 1 ¾ in X 7 in, grey colored, rectangular shaped verifier with accompanying rechargeable batteries and multi-function keypad on side of the artifact.

Box 4

Item Name: Control Module Inc., Personal Workstation. Manufacturer: Ensfield, CT: Control Module, Inc., undated Description: Grey colored card swipe attached to wand holder and ac adaptor with a slot for a medium digital resolution pen.

Box 5

Item Name: Positronic Industries Light Wand, undated Description: Gold colored laser light wand.
Item Name: Positronic Industries Light Wand, undated Description: Silver colored laser light wand.
Item Name: Welch Allyn NCR Bar Code Wand, undated Manufacturer: Welch Allyn. Description: Bar code light pen sectioned in half to allow user to view interior components, used in sales meetings.

Box 6

Item Name: PSC Quick-check 5. Manufacturer: Positronic Sciences Corp., 1989. . Description: 3 items; item 1 is a: tan, plastic hand held bar code verifier with rectangular display screen and attached stainless, steel scanning wand used in the verification of bar code information.

Box 7

Item Name: LS 7000 II Hand held bar code scanner. Manufacturer: Symbol Technologies, 1985. Description: Tan colored, gun shaped scanner with a 1.0 mill watt Helium-Neon Laser, model # LS-7000II-I000A.
Item Name: LS 8100 II Hand held bar code scanner. Manufacturer: Symbol Technologies, 1983. Description: Tan colored, gun shaped scanner, model # LS-8500-E100A

Box 8

PSC- Quick Check Gauge Rules with UPC/EAN Code Reference Symbols (12 Items), undated
Bar Code Programming Sheet for Panasonic VCR, undated
Symbol LS 7000 II Long Range Scanner Specification, undated
Image Computer Systems' Image Labeling Printout of HP Laser Printer, undated
"Live Media" Work Center Labels, undated
"Photo Comp" Metal Tags, undated
Bar Code Test Chart, undated
"Photo Comp" DHL Labels, undated
"Laser Etch" Metal Tags, undated
"Thermal" Navy Tomcat Pilot, undated
"Photo Comp" Denison Labels, undated
"Code 49", undated
"Woven Labels", undated
"ID-Security Badges", undated
"Thermal" (Live Media), undated
"Econo Code" Comparison Chart, undated
Code Art, undated
Printability Gauge and Color Contrast Guide, undated
Security ID Badges, undated
"Typical Labels" Samples of Code 39, undated
T.L. Ashford Software Label Stock Demo Packet, undated

Series 3: Video Recordings

Symbol Technologies Tech News/Bloopers. VHS Video Cassette. Port Washington, New York: ADM, 1993. TRT: 30 Minutes
Symbol Technologies Seminar Opening. VHS Video Cassette. Hicksville, New York: ICA, undated TRT: 2:15.

Series 4: Slides

Box 9

EDI & Bar Coding, undated
Data Identifier, undated (2f)
Birth of a Standard, undated
Fall Blown Tech Ware Executive Presentation 1, undated
Fall Blown Tech Ware Executive Presentation 2, undated
Fall Blown Tech Ware Executive Presentation 3, undated
Getting Started with Bar Codes, undated (2f)
Ten Commandment of Bar Coding (original), 1984
Bar Codes for Industrial Systems, 1982
Assorted files (2f)