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Main Title:
AIDC 100 Archives - Advanstar Communications, Inc. Collection

Type of Material: Documents and digital media.
Personal Name:
Collection ID: Collection 383
Creator: Advanstar Communications, Inc.
Extent: 0.4 cubic ft.
Span Dates: 1996-2001



AIDC 100 Archives - Advanstar Communications, Inc. Collection
Collection 383


Papers, 1996-2001.
0.4 cubic ft.
Organization: Series arrangement by original order.
Documents and digital media.
Processed by F. Jason Torre, January 2002.
Updated and revised March 2014, Kristen J. Nyitray, Head, Special Collections and University Archives, University Archivist.

Organizational Note
Scope and Content
Series Description


The AIDC 100 Archives at Stony Brook University identifies, acquires, preserves and makes available to the public, industry members, educators, and students a comprehensive and diverse library of materials that documents the AIDC (automatic identification and data capture) industry.


The Advanstar Communications, Inc. Collection was donated to the Special Collections Department in 2003 by Brian Albright on behalf of the company. The collection consists of 9 cubic feet of material, and is made up of original copies of the publisher’s premier magazines Automatic I.D. News, Frontline Solutions Magazine, photographs, negatives, slides and promotional materials.

The collection focuses primarily on the trade magazines produced by the publisher from the beginning of the primary publication, Automatic I.D. news when it was begun in 1985 by Edgell Communications to present form as Frontline Solutions Magazine. The collection is unique in that the various volumes and issue of the two magazines and their offshoots allow the researched to gain a clear view through advertisements and articles of the evolution of an industry.

The collection is open to research without restrictions.

In citing the collection, please credit: Advanstar Communications Inc. Collection, Special Collections, Stony Brook University Libraries.

Organizational Note

(Note: The following brief organizational note was excerpted from Advanstar Communications' webpage "Profile." 

"Advanstar's mission is to be the leading provider of information and communications products to targeted business and professional markets. The company is a privately held corporation, owned by DLJ Merchant Banking Partners/Credit Suisse First Boston. The company was first part of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc. (HBJ) until 1987 when it was sold to Edgell Communications ( In 1992, the company name was renamed Advanstar Communications Inc.

Based in New York, NY, Advanstar Communications Inc. ( is a worldwide business information company serving specialized markets with high quality information resources and integrated marketing solutions. Advanstar has 76 business magazines and 21 directories, 58 tradeshows and 36 conferences, numerous Web sites, and a wide range of print and electronic direct marketing, database and reference products and services. Advanstar serves targeted market sectors in the automotive, beauty, e-learning, call center, digital media, entertainment/ marketing, healthcare, fashion & apparel, pharmaceuticals, power sports, science, telecommunications and travel/ hospitality industries. The Company has roughly 1,400 employees and currently operates from multiple offices in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia."

Scope and Content Note

The Advanstar Communications, Inc. Collection consists of two series: publications and photographic materials (slides, photographic prints and negatives).

Items housed in acidic or metal housings have been removed from these housings for preservation reasons and have been placed in acid free folders and containers. Photographs have been placed in acid free folders and envelopes, and were left within original series. All metal fasteners have been removed and replaced in accordance with accepted archival standards of preservation.

Series Description

Series I: Publications, 1985-2002, 9.1 linear feet. Published editions of the various magazines produced by the company.

Series II: Photographic Materials, 1985-2002, 2.3 linear feet. Photographic materials used to create the company’s publications.

Rights and Permissions

Stony Brook University Libraries' consent as the physical owner of the collection does not address copyright issues that may affect publication rights. It is the sole responsibility of the user of Special Collections and University Archives materials to investigate the copyright status of any given work and to seek and obtain permission where needed prior to publication.                         


Series I: Publications

Box 1
Auto ID News, August 1985
Auto ID News, 10th Anniversary, 1995
Auto ID News, Collector’s Edition, 1995
Frontline Solutions, 2000
Auto ID Reseller, V. 1, N.4, 5, 1999

Box 2
Auto ID News 1985 (Missing November)
Auto ID News 1986 (Missing July/Aug.)
Auto ID News, 1987 (Missing Jan. /Feb. & March/April)

Box 3
Auto ID News, 1988

Box 4
Auto ID News, 1989

Box 5
Auto ID News, 1990

Box 6
Auto ID News, 1991

Box 7
Auto ID News, 1992

Box 8
Auto ID News, 1993

Box 9
Auto ID News, 1994

Box 10
Auto ID News, 1995

Box 11
Auto ID News, 1996

Box 12
Auto ID News, 1997

Box 13
Auto ID News, 1998

Box 14
Auto ID News, 1999

Box 15
Auto ID News Europe, 1992-1996

Box 16
Auto ID News Europe, 1997-1999

Box 17
Auto ID News Latino America, September 1994-May 1999

Box 18
Frontline Solutions, 2000

Box 19
Frontline Solutions, 2001

Box 20
Frontline Solutions, 2002

Box 21

1986 Buyers Guide, 1986
1988/89 Buyer's Guide, 1988-1989
1989/90 Buyer's Guide, 1989-1990
1990/91 Buyer's Guide, 1990-1991
1991/1992 Reference Guide & Directory, 1991-1992
1992/93 Reference Guide & Directory, 1992-1993
1993/94 Reference Guide & Directory, 1993-1994
1994/95 Reference Guide & Directory, 1994-1995
1995/96 Reference Guide & Directory, 1995-1996
1996 Buyer's Guide, 1996
1996 Buyer's Guide Europe, 1996
1997 Buyer's Guide, 1997
1997/98 Buyer's Guide, 1997-1998
1998/99 Buyer's Guide Europe, 1998-99
1999 Buyer's Guide, 1999
1999 Directory, 1999

Box 22

Auto ID News Asia, 1997-1998
Auto ID News Asia, 1996-1997
Auto ID News Asia, 1995
Auto ID News Asia, 1994
Auto ID News Wire, 1993
Auto ID News Wire, 1996
Auto ID News Wire, 1994
Auto ID News Wire, 1995
Auto ID News Wire, 1998
Auto ID News Wire, 1997
Editorial Calendar, 1989-1991
Healthcare Automation, 1998
Healthcare Automation, 1997

Series II: Photographic Materials (filed alphabetically by last name)

Box 1

Ackley, Adams, Ahlquist, Aldrich, Allais, Alston, Ames, Andersson, Antonini, Armandroff, Arnold, Arnoldi

A-Manufacturers & Products
Accu-Sort, AccuTime, Acuity Imaging, Aheam & Soper Arkpower Nov. ’94, AIDN 3502, AIDN Auction, Apax, Audits International

B-People (2)
Baer, Bailey, Bair, Baird, Baker, Baldwin, Ballas, Baloyan, Barbera, Barrell, Barry, Bartholomay, Bazegian, Bean, Beck, Bedol, Belisle, Beller, Bennett, Benoit, Bente, Berge, Biby, Bida, Bigelow, Biss, Blanchard, Blumberg, Boettcher, Bogenschutz, Boggs, Bolme, Boonet, Borsher, Bour, Bowdle, Bower, Bowers, Bowes, Bowgren, Brayman, Brinson, Brodheim, Brown, Bruneel, Buresh, Burgers, Burgess, Burnee, Burnell, Bushnell, Butler, Byer, Byford, Byrne

B-Manufacturers & Products
Banking, Bayer Agriculture, Belgravium, , Bergen Computers

C-People (2)

Calabretta, Callahan, Campbell, Canda, Cappiello, Cardais, Carlson, Carollo, Carpenter, Carver, Casler, Castagnet, Cayoutte, Cellura, Celona, Chadima, Chamblin, Champness, Chiu, Christian, Cicio, Clark, Cleveland, Cline, Clinton, Close, Coe, Cohn, Coletta, Collins, Cook, Cooper, Cossart, Coughlin, Coursey, Coutros, Covington, Cozzone, Creeco, Crenshaw, Crist, Cronin, Cummins, Czawlytko

C-Manufacturers & Products

CanDo, CDPD, CompuSpeak, , Computype, Coopers & LybrandCentury Systems

Dabbiere, Dalbey, David, Davidson, Deam, Dearden, Deese, DeLapp, DeLuca, Dhamija, Dickover, Dickson, Diehl, Dietsch, Dietzal, DiMaria, Dingwall, DiPrima, Donaghue, Dooley, Dowd, Draheim, Draxler, Dreyer, Dunn, Dupre, Duris, Dvorchak

D-Manufacturers & Products

Datalogic, Diablo, Diebold, Distribution Center, Domer Manufacturing, Drexler Technology, DuraWand,

Eastman, Eckles, Eckstein, Economides, Edgell, Edwards, Ehrlich, Eldon, Eldridge, Elise, Emenhiser, Epley, Erman, Etter, Eusterman, Evans

E-Manufacturers & Products
Educational Systems

Fagerstrom, Falconbridge, Fales, Farchione, Farrell, Ferguson, Filip, Flanagan, Flannery, Fleming, Flon, Flores, Foerster, Fox, Franklin, Fraser, Freeman, Fries

F-Manufacturers & Products
Fast Extruding & Molding, Fire Dept., Forwood, Fox IV Tech, Frick, William & Co., Frymaster,


Gaguier, Gant, Garog, Garza, Gifford, Gill, Gilligan, Gilmore, Glass, Gledhill, Glenn, Goldberg, Goodfinger, Graham, Granquist, Grass, Gray, Grayson, Greiner, Griffie, Gripman

G- Manufacturers & Products

Go Tribe

H-People (2)

Hagedorn, Hagemeier, Haggar, Hakanson, Hallberg, Halloran, Hammeke, Hankin, Hanna, Hanson, Hanuver, Hardy, Harlow, Harper, Harrelson, Harrington, Hartman, Haskins, Haudfield, Havens, Heiman, Heinzer, Henderson, Herrington, Hibbard, Hilgert, Hill, Hinton, Hoaston, Hogberg, Hohberger, Holford, Hollaway, Holloway, Hone, Honaker, Honey, Hope, Horecka, Horsey, Howe, Howell, Hudock, Huebner, Hughes, Huntsinger, Hutchison

H- Manufacturers & Products

Holocaust Museum

Imhoff, Itkin

I- Manufacturers & Products
Imtec, Intermec, IOB (Industries of the Blind), International Press Marketing Group


Jeanblanc, Jeffries, Jenkins, Jensen, Jepson, Jilovec, Johnson, Jones, Jurgen


Kay, Keevers, Kelly, Kelty, Kempe, Kent, Khoshatefeh, Kilbang, Kim, Kindsvater, King, Kirk, Klein, Kleszczaski, Klimaski, Kline, Knight, Knowles, Koogle, Kraft, Kraetz, Kramer, Kyle

K- Manufacturers & Products

Kroy, Kronos

La Barre, LaMoreaux, Lange, Lapidus, Launchbury, Laurie, Lawrence, Lawson, Leach, Leeger, Lemelson, Lenhard, Lennox, Le Petit, Levaro, Levinson, Lewis, Licata, Littleboy, Linksa, Lischefska, Loeffler, Long, Longe, Louis, Lum, Lusignan

L- Manufacturers & Products

Label-Aire, Label Concepts, Leaktracker Alliance, Libraries Logopak, London Underground, LXE

M-People (2)
MacSema, McCann, McDonald, McGee, McGlone, McGowan, McGrane, McInerney, McQuade, McWalter, Machinicki, Macinelli, Maddock, Maino, Malahy, Malmed, Manzi, Marcel, Marco, Martinez, Martino, Mathans, Matsubara, Matthews, Mavity, Mazzari, Mead, Meier, Melangton, Memis, Meyers, Miller, Mills, Millwood, Miner, Mitchell, Moore, Montfort, Morgan, Morganti, Muenz, Mullen, Murrah, Murray

M- Manufacturers & Products

Mark’s Co., Mark/Lumber, Mars MEO, Matthews International, Metalcraft, Micr-Touch, Mobile Terminals, Monarch Marketing


Nag, Nahas, Nantg, Nargi, Naujokas, Navarro, Nelson, Nembilas, Nesbit, Newman, Nickel, Nixon, Nobbs, Noll, Noonan, Norwood, Nugent

N- Manufacturers & Products

NJMV, Norand

O’Leary, O’Neil, O’Neill, O’Rourke, Oase, Ohanian, Olinger, Olson, Osterhage

O- Manufacturers & Products
Oly Helistar, Olympic Security, Orchid Systems

P-People (2)

Paijens, Palmer, Parker, Parsons, Partner, Patrikas, Patton, Paul, Pavely, Paxton, Peiritsch, Pendergast, Pennington, Perrelli, Perrine, Peters, Peterson, Peyton, Phillips, Polignani, Portsmouth, Puett

P-Manufacturers & Products

Patent Off CS, Patrick Media Group, Peak, Percon, Peripheral Dynamics PM-Data Service, Portable Data, Printer/Applicator, Printronix,


Rand, Rao, Rapp, Rawson, Razmilovic, Ray, Regina, Renehan, Renshaw, Reyes, Reznik, Riemer, Ristan, Rittenhouse, Robbert, Roberts, Rocco, Rockey, Rodgers, Rogers, Rosen, Rosser, Rukeyser, Russell, Ryder, Rylander,

R- Manufacturers & Products
Retail, RF/DC Applications, RF/ID Tags, RPS

S-People (3)
Saccaro, Salcedo, Scaringe, Schaefer, Schaffer, Schalk, Schall, Schneider, Schulman, Schwarzban, Schwegman, Sellberg, Setva, Sevin, Sharp, Shepherd, Sherry, Shillman, Sholty, Shpiz, Shuman Simkowski, Skelton, Skinner, Slinger, Slocombe, Smail, Smith, Snee, Snook, Sobczak, Sokol, Solazzo, Somerson, Sommers, Sperber, Stamper, Stapleton, Stead, Stednick, Steele, Steiner, Storment, Strand, Studebaker, Styrnell, Sullivan, Sumner, Swank, Swanson, Swartz

S- Manufacturers & Products
Scanners, Scanteam 3000, Schlumberger Electronic, Senix, Spectra-Physics, Symbol Tech, Syntest, System Integrators

T-Z and additional materials

Tarver, Tawara, Taylor, Tedesco, Teich, Temple, Terwillinger, Theruault, Thissen, Thunhurst, Thurston, Tompkins, Townshend, Trautman, Travis, Traxler, Trimnell, Trowt, Tucker, Tuerff, Turcotte, Turnquist, Twiss

T- Manufacturers & Products

Tam Ceramics, Teklogix, Telecheck, Telxon, Tharo Systems, Ticketmaster, Timewand II, Tiscor, Touch Probe, Trakker


U- Manufacturers & Products

Veatch, Vega, Victor, Vincent, Vinyard

V- Manufacturers & Products
Valve City, Veritec, Vocollect

W-People (2)
Wade, Wagner, Walher, Wallace, Wasilewski, Weaver, Webb, Weber, Weiland, Weilard, Weinberger, Weiss, Wenzel, Whipple, Wille, Willett, Williams, Willoughby, Wilner, Wilson, Winters, Wood, Woodall, Woodland, Woodward, Wray, Wright, Wurz, Wynne, Wytiaz

W- Manufacturers & Products
Warehousing, Weber, White Storage & Retrieval, Willmar Rice, Worldwide Chain?

Yeagle, Yecies, Young

Y- Manufacturers & Products

Zaccaria, Zaiger, Zaino, Ziegler, Zimmer, Zimmerman

Z- Manufacturers & Products

Miscellaneous Contact Sheets-People
Unidentified Photos-Manufacturers & Products

Barcode Samples (5)
Barcode Art
ID Card Printer Samples
News releases & Correspondence
PR Material
Symbol Technologies Product Sheets
Miscellaneous Materials



Manufacturers & Products
A-Allied Signal, ARISTO, Alphawire, Applied Tactical
B-Beswick Communications, Bell Atlantic, Border Patrol, Barcode Images, Breckenridge, Barcodes
C-Comet, Casinos
D-Duo Prox, Dupont, Disney World
E-Enduro Riders
F-Forte Ind., Fargo ID, Fujitsu
G-Gas Co.
H-Hewlett-Packard, Hughes, Home Beer
I-Intelligent Instrumentation
M-Mobile Terminals
O-O’Neil, Oregon St., Olympic Security
P-Percon, Prox, Pen Right, Printers
Presentation Slides
R-Rogers Communication, Retail Images
S-Sato, Symbol Tech, Safety Equipment, Strandware
T-Tiger Eye
V-Viking Freight
W-Willett Labeljet, WH Brady, Warehouse Distributors, Wrangler
Miscellaneous Bar Code Use Images

B-Brauman, Button
C-Chilton, Campbell
D-Davis, Dennison, Dubois
G-Gindt, Gray
H-Halloway, Hilgert, Hirsch
K-Kaplan, Kindsvater, Krummel, Kuperstein
S-Szlaga, Swartz
W-Weichman, Welch

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