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LACS- Related Courses Offered in Summer 2022


SPN 111 Elementary Spanish I

Instructors: Valentina Pucci, Jeannette Rivera, Samuel Espindola Hernandez


SPN 112 Elementary Spanish II

Instructors: Zaida Corniel, Paulo Soares, Carolina Boutureira, Beatriz Solla Vilas


SPN 211 Intermediate Spanish I

Instructor: Maria Medin Doce


SPN 212 Intermediate Spanish II

Instructor: TBA


HIS 214 Modern Latin America

Instructor: Giovanni Bello


HIS 216 US-Latin America Relations 

Instructor: Adrián Márquez


HUS 272 Science Tech Enviro in Latin Am

Instructor: Mario Henao


HUS 290 Latin American Cinema

Instructor: Loreto Barranco


SPN 311 Spanish Conversation & Composition

Instructor: Moises Hassan


SPN 321 Advanced Spanish Grammar & Composition

Instructor: TBA


HIS 380 Slavery and Revolution in the Caribbean

Instructor: Kevin Marshall


HIS 380 Afro-Latin America

Instructor: José Manuel Baeza


LACS- Related Courses Offered in Spring 2022


HUS 201 Hispanic Visual Cultures

Instructor: Fernando Loffredo


HUS 254 Latin America Today

Instructor: Tabata Quintana Yonaha


HUS 290 Latin American Cinema

Instructor: Adrián Pérez-Melgosa


HIS 387 Cuba: Island of Consequence

Instructor: Eric Zolov


AFS 381 AIDS, Race, and Gender in the Black Community

Instructor: George Aumoithe


WST 291 Introduction to Feminist Theory

Instructor: Cristina Khan

Description: Will cover feminist theoretical perspectives from Latina scholars and activists.


LIN-22 Spanish in the USA

Instructor: Francisco Ordonez


SPN 290 Latin American Cinema (Online asynchronous).

Instructor: Adrián Pérez Melgosa


SOC 364 Sociology of Latin America

Instructor: Timothy P. Moran


WST 398 Immigration, Nation, and the Media

Instructor: Nancy Hiemstra

Description: There will be significant content discussing Latinx immigration and stereotyping of Latinx people in the U.S.


WST 395 Immigration, Borders and Identity

Instructor: Margarita Espada

Description: Significant content discussing migration in and out of Latin America and the Caribbean.


POR 112 Elementary Portuguese II

Instructor: Tabata Quintana Yonaha


SPN 311 Spanish Conversation and Composition

Instructor: Kathleen Vernon


SPN 312 Introduction to Literary Studies

Instructor: Paul Firbas


SPN 321 Advance Spanish Grammar and Composition

Instructor: Victoriano Roncero


SPN 386 Latin American Literature and Culture III

Instructor: Lena Burgos-Lafuente


SPN 405 Issues in Hispanic Cultural Studies

Instructor: Fernando Loffredo


SPN 415 Hispanic Cultures in Contact & SPN 510 Hispanic Cultures: "Mestizo Studies"

Instructor: Paul Firbas


SPN 435 & SPN 573 Topics in Latin American Culture, Colonial Times to the Present: “Border Crossings”

Instructor: Sally Scott-Sabo