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Spring 2021 Events

Spring 2021 Calendar


Monday, February 22 5:00 pm (EST)
Other Feminisms: Hemispheric Interventions
Claudia Garriga (California State University, Chico), “Transfeminist Approaches to Indigenous Decolonization in Ecuador”

Thursday, March 11, 4pm (EST)
Jörg Dünne, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 
“From Geography to Geology and Meteorology: Environmental Poetics of the 'Critical Zone' in Latin American Culture” Co-sponsored by LACS

Wednesday, March 17, 12:00 pm (EST)
LACS Graduate Brown Bag Lunch
Michael McMahon (Hispanic Languages and Literature)

Thursday, March 18
Virtual symposium “Efímero: Early Modern News Sheets and Pamphlets in the Hispanic World” Organized by Paul Firbas.
Co-sponsored by LACS, HISB and Hispanic Languages and Literature.

Thursday, March 25, 1:00pm
Drug Knowledge Traffic 1/ Tráfico de conocimiento de las drogas 1
Organized by PhD candidate Zinnia Capó Valdivia (History)

Monday, March 29, 2021. 4:30PM (EST)
Diego Falconí (Universidad San Francisco de Quito, School of Law/Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona)
“La Tunda: a possible (mis)translation for understanding cuy-r…ness in the Andes”

Tuesday, March 30, 4:00 pm (EST)
LACS Book Talk
Long Island Migrant Labor Camps: Dust for Blood by Mark Torres
Presented by Lori Flores (Associate Professor, History)

Wednesday March 31, 6:30 pm (EST)
CuCa 3: Cuir Caribbean Voices/ Voces Queer del Caribe
Organized by PhD candidate Mario Henao (Hispanic Languages and Literature)

Friday, April 2, 2:00 pm (EST)
LACS Graduate Brown Bag Lunch
Ennis Addison (Hispanic Language and Literature)

Tuesday April 13 1:00pm
Drug Knowledge Traffic 2/ Tráfico de conocimiento de las drogas 2
Organized by PhD candidate Zinnia Capó Valdivia (History)

Thursday, April 15 4pm
Greater Left/Greater Caribbean: Undertheorized Radical Movements in the Archipelago
Gerard Aching (Cornell University)
"Slavery's Moral Alibis: A Comparative Look at Cuba and the United States, 1840-50"

Thursday, April 20 3:30pm

Nature, Travel and Nostalgia: Rereading William Henry Hudson 

Organized by prof. Javier Uriarte

Tuesday, April 27, 4:30PM (EST)
J.T Roane (Arizona State University)
"Spitting Back at Law and Order: Donnetta Hill’s Rage in an Era of Vengeance"
Presented by George Aumoithe (Africana Studies). Organized in conjunction with Africana Studies.

Thursday, April 29, 3pm (EST)
Victoria Saramago (University of Chicago): "The Brazilian Backlands Reconstructed: Environmental Mimesis in João Guimarães Rosa’s The Devil to Pay in the Backlands,"
Organized by HISB Pressing Matters series. Co-sponsored by LACS.

Friday, April 30, 3pm (EST)
Other Feminisms: Hemispheric Interventions
Rocío Zambrana (Emory University)
“Echarpalantismo: Neoliberal Subjectivities in the Colony of Puerto Rico”
Followed by a conversation with Megan Craig (Philosophy)


Tuesday, May 4, 1:00pm
Provostial Lecture
Eliane Brum (writer and journalist)
"Amazonia: Center of the World." Co-sponsored by LACS

Thursday, May 6, 3:00pm 
Byron Vélez (Federal University of Santa Catalina)
"Sertones, desertones, páramos: Grande Sertão: veredas, el sistema yagunzo".