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The Pre-College Japanese Program (Online)

The Pre-College Japanese Program offers non-credit online Japanese tutoring for high school students. Instructors are students of Japanese at Stony Brook University, supervised by the program Director. Please see the tuition rate and fill out the application form.  

Then, the program director (Eriko Sato) will contact you by email.   If you have questions, please email her at:




speechAnne McNulty was selected for JET 2018.

Kyle DiPietrantonio was selected as 2017 Valedictorian at Smithtown East High School!

Claudia Motley received 2017 School of Journalism Dean's Excellence Scholarship at Stony Brook University.

Japan Society Junior Fellows Claudia A. Motley (2016),   Kyle DiPietrantonio (2015)

Japan Center Essay Competition Winners sponsored by Canon USA: Kazuo Nakamura (2nd Place Best Essay Award, 2017);  Claire Shapiro (Uchica Memorial Award, 2016), Louis Herman (Merit Award, 2016), and  Claudia Motley (Semi-Finalist, 2016)

Speech Contest Winners:

  • 2016:  1st Place: Kazuo Nakamura; 2nd Place: Tatsuma Hohokabe.
  • 2015 :   1st Place:  Carrie Laurino; 2nd Place:  Caroline LeBrun 
  • 2014:  1st Place Winner:Grace Cimazewski; 2nd Place Winners:   Kyle DiPietrantonio & Carolyn Laurino; 3rd Place Winner: Autumn Sharrar; Honorable Mention:Luke Golden & Tess Stundis 
  • 2013:   1st Place Winners: Annie McNulty & Allison Varca; 2nd Place Winner: Cassie Arnemann; 3rd Place Winners: Grace Cimazewski and Autumn Sharrar; Honorable Mention: Samantha Streeter; Young Ambassador Award: Kazuo Nakamura  
  • 20 12 1st Place Winner: Allison Varca; 2nd Place Winners: Olivia Mignon and Anne McNulty; 3rd Place Winner: Grace Cimaszewski
  • 2011: 1st Place Winner: Allison Varca; 2nd Place Winner: Olivia Mignon and Anna Shapiro; 3rd Place Winners: Jonathan Maresca, Caitlyn Sullivan, and Grace Cimaszewski; Honorable Mention: Amanda Sulz, Kyle O’Connor, and Jarryd Nelson
  • 2010: 1st Place: Shannon Voelkel; 2nd Place: Griffin Clair; 3rd Place: Olivia Mignon; Honorable Mention: Jonathan Maresca and Holly Ziet