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Personal Property

Specialized equipment, rare books or manuscripts, and artwork are examples of tangible property gifts that the University will accept if the potential gift is of scholarly interest and/or of use to the University. Please note that the Stony Brook Foundation cannot appraise or assign valuation to gifts of tangible property.

Individuals: The law requires that when you estimate your gift at $5,000 or more and intend to claim it as a tax deduction, you must obtain a written appraisal by a qualified independent appraiser. In order for you to claim a gift of tangible personal property on your income tax return, please forward a completed IRS Form 8283 (instructions).

Corporations: Consult your tax advisor for information on the potential tax deductibility of your firm's gift and for the proper procedure to claim it.

Gifts of Real Estate
Please contact us to discuss this type of gift.