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Congratulations to HVAC Course Graduates

In the Spring of 2020, a unique collaboration was formed between the Electrical Training Center in Copiague and several Stony Brook University groups to build an HVAC apprenticeship program that would provide graduates with critical skills needed to serve the changing HVAC demands from both the University and Hospital. 
CSEA Local 614, through the State CSEA Partnership Program worked in tandem with Stony Brook University’s Human Resources, Labor Relations, and Campus Operations & Maintenance teams, to establish an apprenticeship program that would provide eligible Civil Service employees with the opportunity to acquire HVAC skills and experience needed in the workforce. Graduates would earn a Grade 12 in the Service and Repair Mechanic (HVAC) title series. 

“These positions are absolutely critical in providing necessities like heat, hot water, ventilation, air conditioning and electrical distribution to the entire University and Hospital community," noted Terence Harrigan, Associate Vice President for Campus Operations and Maintenance. "Through hard work and dedication, each of these graduates is now armed with an increased skill set to serve the changing needs and demands of the University and Hospital."
Starting and completing the pilot program during the pandemic, we recognize the following graduates:

    • Andrew Thomas Keppler
    • Hassan J. Bias
    • Christopher A. Zilli
    • John X. Lopez
    • Daniel Barrett Byrnes
    • Christopher J. DeRosa
    • Joseph K. Lorio
    • Michael Yee 

Congratulations to each of these individuals on their achievements! For more information, visit CSEA local helps create apprenticeship program for members, or the Human Resources website

HVAC Grads
Pictured: (Standing L to R) Daniel Byrnes, Christopher Zilli, Andrew Keppler, Hassan Bias, and SUNY Stony Brook Local 614 President Carlos Speight. (Seated) John Lopez.
Not Pictured: Kenneth Gifft and Joseph Lorio.