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The Facilities & Services Division at Stony Brook University is proud to serve the diverse and vibrant Seawolf community. Our mission is to:

- Maintain and improve the campus buildings, grounds and infrastructure

- Saveenergy, reduce pollution and improve our impact on the natural environment

- Provide a safe and supportive campus community

- Buildfor the 21st century

Through each of our departments, F&S is able to provide the essential services for building, operating and maintaining Stony Brook University on its three campuses: Main Campus, Stony Brook Southampton, and the Research and Development Park.


- Facilitate the success, accomplishment, and advancement of our faculty, staff and students

- Serve the University and its population with integrity

- Be accountable for our areas of responsibility

- Relentlessly strive to meet or exceed all of our commitments

- Produce quality products with attention to detail

- Plan for successful execution, but remain prepared to adapt to change

- Communicate promptly, accurately and honestly

- Further the Stony Brook University Mission