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BSEEOL Student Support and Additional Information

BSEEOL Student Support

For general information on the online students’ support at Stony Brook, please see the following page

BSEEOL students have additional support of their concierge service and weekly online availability of their faculty (see our Course Schedule page).

BSEE Online Program Proctoring Policy for all EEO Courses

The BSEEOL proctoring policy is described in BSEE Online Program Proctoring Policy

In addition to the proctoring options listed in the policy new online proctoring services (such as Examity) are also acceptable.

Stony Brook Policy for Taking Time Off

New students should be aware of the rules for taking a semester off for personal or job-related reasons. A detailed description of Stony Brook policy is provided in the Taking Time Off section of the Undergraduate Bulletin . All BSEEOL students (BSEEOL belongs to the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences) who take a leave of absence will not be eligible to enroll for any future semesters without rematriculation.

Non-matriculating students who take a semester-long absence may return to the University without completing rematriculation paperwork.  These students need to be term activated by the Admission Office. Absences beyond one semester will require the student to complete a new application.


FAQ for Summer EEO Online Courses