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The following courses are required to satisfy requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Online Degree:

All courses required for the major must be passed with grades of C or higher. Click the links to see the syllabi.


  • Open Electives (6 Credits)

    Two courses selected in consultation with the program adviser.


General Education Requirements.

All students must complete General Education requirements by completing the  Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC).

All General Education courses must be passed with grades of D or higher, except SBC: WRT, which must be completed with a C or higher.

Apart from SBC objectives fulfilled by EEO courses and prerequisites, the following objectives must be completed:

  • WRT- Write Effectively in English
  • ARTS- Explore and Understand the Fine and Performing Art
  • GLO- Engage Global Issues
  • HUM- Address Problems Using Critical Analysis and the Methods of the Humanities
  • SBS- Understand, Observe, & Analyze Human Behavior & the Structure & Functioning of Society
  • USA- Understand the Political, Economic, Social and Cultural History of the United States
  • DIV- Respect Diversity and Foster Inclusiveness
Minimum credits required for the program: 120

BSEEOL Course transfer policy.

All courses NOT taken at Stony Brook University are subject to evaluation for their equivalency before accepted as transfer courses (should have grade C or higher). Technical courses (prerequisites, core, elective and open elective) are evaluated by the faculty of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Stony Brook University. Math and Physics courses are evaluated by the faculty of respective departments. Students must supply course syllabi and sample homework/assignment/exams for transfer evaluation.

General Education courses are evaluated by the Transfer Office at Stony Brook University. Review our transfer credit policies for more information.