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Teacher Education Programs: Science

Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, and Physics

The Science Teacher Education Programs at Stony Brook offer a palette of coursework, clinical practice, seminars and special projects that prepare students to assume teaching positions in grades 7-12 (with an option for a grades 5-6 extension). The programs are committed to both science teaching and science learning as investigatory endeavors that demand conceptualization and theory building within research traditions. Therefore, successful completion of one of these programs requires the student to demonstrate understandings of his or her content specialty, general science principles, human development and pedagogical principles; research techniques appropriate to questions posed; and instructional strategies rooted in theory.

The programs offer a wide array of supervised, clinical practice opportunities; a lending library of current theoretical, instructional design and policy literature; a secure, web-based communication system for student and faculty discussion and reflection; personalized assessment system consisting of private and small group meetings with participating faculty; an individual student teaching placement program; and an informal career placement network. The programs require a minimum of three semesters, with evening coursework and daytime clinical practice beginning in the first semester.

The Science Education Programs include three options that lead to New York State teacher certification:  



Contact Information

Keith Sheppard, EdD

Director, Institute for STEM Education
(631) 632-2989

Linda Padwa, MAT
Associate Director for Science Education
(631) 632-7075  

Zuzana Zachar, PhD
Graduate Advisor, Biology
(631) 632-8970
Kira Shultheiss, PhD
Undergraduate Advisor, Biology
(631) 632-8543  
Susan Oatis, PhD
Undergraduate and Graduate Advisor, Chemistry
(631) 632-1571
Gil Hanson, PhD
Undergraduate and Graduate Advisor, Geosciences
  (631) 632-8210
Robert McCarthy, PhD
Undergraduate and Graduate Advisor, Physics
(631) 632-8086  

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