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Newsfeed of Global Elections 

In promoting equal access to information for all types of voters, the Center for Civic Justice invites you to stay updated on your home country's electoral news. 

Global Affairs 

The Office of Global Affairs is a Stony Brook University affiliated department dedicated to promoting global academic experiences and facilitating the move of international students to the United States. The link above will direct you to the Global Newsletter and an events calendar, both covering International Education Weeks, cultural celebrations, and workshops. 


The ACE Project, launched in 1998 at the United Nations by the the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), is one of the world's largest electoral databases. The link above will direct you the latest updates from around the globe, specific to the elections of a given country, and stories include electoral processes, controversies, and limitations on voting. 


The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) is an intergovernmental organization that keeps up to date information on voter participation across the world. This newsfeed provides a wide range of topics such as voter rights, special circumstances that limit voter participation, and new legislation.   

Fair Observer Election News  

The Fair Observer Election News publishes nonpartisan stories on international elections and foreign affairs. As a non-profit organization with participants in 90 countries, their goal is to provide a source of nonpartisan information. Topics include political parties, voter turnout rates, debated policies, fairness of elections, and transitions of power. 

VoteWatch Europe

VoteWatch follows elections within the European Union and aims to reduce bias and misinformation. As an organization independent from European governments, they report on the political, social, and economic consequences of the agendas and policies of a country’s political candidates, who are capable of influencing all those within the EU. 

IFES Election Guide

The Election Guide created by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems provides information on upcoming elections around the globe. Such electoral information includes the date (either confirmed or not), the type of election, and the results once held.