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Brittany Miller

Brittany Miller 

 PhD candidate in Psychology

Barriers to Mammography Screening Among Racial and Ethnic Minority Women: A Systematic Review

Synopsis:  Mammography screening is considered the most effective breast cancer early detection method and means of reducing breast cancer mortality rates. The screening rates among women can be greatly improved by understanding and eliminating barriers to regular participation. In efforts to develop more effective interventions that address barriers and improve screening rates, researchers have focused on examining barriers that are experienced by specific racial and ethnic minority groups. This systematic review aimed to synthesize the results of studies that measured self-reported barriers to mammography screening in racial/ethnic minority women. Self-reported barriers were summarized by barrier type and briefly by race/ethnicity, and the appropriateness of designing studies of barriers around race and ethnicity is discussed. 


Friday, February 21, 2020 at 12:30 PM