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Stony Brook Motorsports Team

Each year, Stony Brook Motorsports competes in an international competition that simulates real-world engineering design and engineering challenges. The competition is sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) with three regional competitions within the U.S. and one competition internationally each year. Team members are tasked with designing and building an off-road vehicle to handle real-world rigorous challenges and simultaneously compete with other schools in introducing a new product to the consumer industrial market. The club functions as a corporate business to design, build, test, promote, and compete with a vehicle at the SAE competition(s). In addition to design and manufacturing, SAE introduces a cost and marketability component to the challenge by having the designs reviewed and accepted for manufacture by a fictitious firm. Judging is based on a variety of factors including a cost and design report, as well as acceleration, braking, hill climb, maneuverability, and suspension articulation events, culminating with a brutal four-hour endurance race.

Stony Brook Motorsports has competed in an SAE Baja competition every year since the team started in 1987 with several top 10 finishes and the team is proud to represent Stony Brook University and the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at these international engineering events.


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