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For Mentors

Peer mentors will act as role models and assist new students with their transition into CEAS to ensure the persistence and success in their engineering program. They will help students gain knowledge about Stony Brook University, CEAS, and the various resources, activities, and programs we have to offer. Peer mentors will also encourage long lasting connections with CEAS students, staff, and faculty while assisting with any transitional issues students may have. The main responsibility of a peer mentor is to help support incoming students and act as a more readily available resource for them.

Qualifications to Apply

  • Students must have a GPA of at least 3.0
  • Students must be currently declared in a CEAS major
  • Students should be involved on campus and have a good knowledge of CEAS and Stony Brook resources

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Meet with their mentees for at least one hour every week
  • Help their mentees become familiar with campus resources and events
  • Submit monthly journal entries
  • Attending monthly meetings with CEAS staff and all mentors
  • Plan and facilitate at least one event each semester

Benefits for Mentors

  • 1 credit of EXT288/488 (Internship)
  • Work with Stony Brook and CEAS faculty/staff
  • New networking opportunities through their student leadership position
  • Improve interpersonal and communication skills necessary in any career
  • Fully plan events for students
  • Build their resume
  • Act as a role model for younger students in the position that they were once in


To apply to be a CEAS Peer Mentor, please fill out the application here. The deadline to apply to become a CEAS Peer Mentor is Friday, March 29th at 5:00 pm  For more information on the CEAS Peer Mentor Program, please visit our website or contact Michael Glick at