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Diversity Plan: Fall 2018 Update


  • Recruitment and Yield Activities for URM Students
    • Outcomes 2017-18:
    • 17% increase in African American applications and 16% increase in admits  
    • 18% increase in Hispanic applications and 14% increase in admits
    • Hosted 92 campus tours/visits for high school groups and community based organizations
    • Increased attendees of Experience Stony Brook Overnight program from 36 to 50
    • Experience Stony Brook Overnight Program yield 36%
    • NYC AA/Latino Admitted Student Reception yield 35/37 or 95% (increase of 12% from 2017)
  • Implemented Student Success App for 24/7 retention services
  • Joined Coalition Application for Access and Affordability
  • Renewed the Finish in Four emergency funding for students with unexpected financial difficulties
    • Continued success of our EOP program, celebrating its 50th anniversary, as evidenced by our key figure of no difference in graduation rates between Pell recipients and rest of the student body
    • Increased retention rates for women in the WISE program to 88.6% and will result in 400+ additional women in the engineering program over the next 3 years – a 27% increase
    • Narrowed graduation rate gap between men and women from 16% to 11%
    • Established the Student Diversity Leadership Council
      • Purpose: to engage our student groups to participate and contribute to the implementation of our Diversity Plan
      • The Council is comprised of 22 student groups based on the intersectionality of affinity, race, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, ability, socioeconomic status, veteran status and national origin
    • Administered the DLE Climate Survey for Students – results are being analyzed

Faculty and Staff

  • R.E.D.I. Seminar
    • 73 implicit bias seminars were conducted
    • 961 campus community members attended the seminars
  • Cultural Competency Seminar, Implicit Bias and Sexual Misconduct, October 9, 2018

    • Hidden bias in and expectations in the classroom
    • Diversity awareness
    • How to report concerns
    • Approximately 3,000 staff and 1,000 faculty attended
  • Inaugural Preparing Future Faculty Conference
    • 74 attendees, 28 from SBU, 14 from Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and the remainder from different universities throughout the U.S. – Indiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, New Jersey, and Connecticut
    • Presentations included:  Preparing a compelling CV; Writing a teaching statement; Writing a research statement; Job talk; Negotiating job offer; Utilizing networks within professional/academic societies; Writing research proposals; Starting a research lab
  • Preferred Name Policy:  Upgraded the University Identification Card Machine to accommodate students, faculty and staff who wished to use preferred names
  • Administered the Viewpoint Campus Climate Survey for Employees – results are being analyzed


  • Co-Sponsorship of Heritage and Affinity Month Events and Activities that have been well attended
    • National Hispanic Heritage Month, Native American Heritage Month, Black History Month, Asian Heritage Month, LGBTQ Pride Month
  • Received the 2018 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award
  • Opened and dedicated our LGBTQ* Center in February 2018
  • Developed a website for the Office of the Chief Diversity Officer to provide a central website for all diversity information including campus partners and affiliates
  • Increased the visibility and awareness of HeForShe on the SBU Campus
    • Ideathons
    • #GetFree Bus Tour

Community Engagement

  • Hosted the Long Island Latino Teachers Association Summer STEM Camp and Civic Engagement Camp
    • 20 Latino students attended
    • Activities included:  Campus Tour; iCREATE Lab; Library Tour; Department of Radiology presentation; Department of Geosciences presentation
  • Developed Brookology Website
    • Goal is to connect the campus members with each other and the local community via the following resource links:  Home; Steals and Deals; Events; In the Community; Get Connected; New Employees
    • 23 local businesses have participated
    • Website Viewership:  15,625, with 6,435 being first-time viewers
  • Improved Microsite Employment Platforms for veterans and people with disabilities
    • Provides diverse and inclusive hiring technology to Stony Brook University to build on our career site infrastructure, while boosting online visibility for our jobs
  • STEM Summer Bridge Program
    • Expanded the CSTEP Program to accommodate 8 additional students
    • Participants came from various school districts
  • Partnered with Brookhaven National Laboratory and local tribal nations/communities to establish the Native American Summer Science Program to recruit prospective Native American students to SBU