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Transfer Credit

Transfer students who wish to complete the requirements for the Biochemistry major must take Biochemistry I and II (BIO 361 and 362) at Stony Brook University and must complete at least a minimum of nine (9) additional credits at Stony Brook in required upper-division Biology courses (BIO 310, 320, 311, and 365) and/or approved upper-division Biology elective courses. Students should work closely with the transfer student office to determine transfer course equivalency. Students may need to provide course information including but are not limited to text book, syllabus, lectures notes, exams, papers, etc in order to determine transfer equivalency. Biology course transfer evaluation is determined by the Biology Undergraduate Division. You will need to send your transcripts and course syllabus to Other course equivalency is determined by the respective departments. Current students considering taking courses outside of Stony Brook University or as part of a study abroad program should obtain course evaluations prior to enrolling, to ensure that they will obtain transfer credit equivalency.