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BS-MS Accelerated Program

The accelerated Bachelor of Science-Master of Science allows a student to earn the BS and MS degrees in five years. Only 114 undergraduate credits are required along with 30 graduate credits. In the second half of the senior year, a BS-MS student begins his/her graduate studies. Further, in the first half of the senior year, a BS-MS student may take up to two graduate courses (that will count towards the MS degree), and while a graduate student, he/she may take additional needed undergraduate courses. For a student in the Accelerated BS/MS to earn MS credit for a graduate course taken as an undergraduate in the first half of their senior year, click hereto obtain a copy of the Graduate School form. 

Advantage of the BS/MS Program The advantage of the accelerated program is that the MS degree can be earned in less time since the Applied Mathematics and Statistics MS degree requires three to four semesters of study after completion of a bachelor's degree.

Competitiveness of the Accelerated BS/MS Program Admission to the Accelerated BS/MS Program is more competitive than admission to the (stand-alone) MS program.

Applying to the Accelerated BS/MS Program An Applied Mathematics and Statistics major may apply at the end of the junior year for admission to the Accelerated BS/MS Program. An overall GPA of 3.3 is normally required, although exceptions are made for students who perform exceptionally well in their junior year. Students should apply by filling out the following application form, which requires a transcript, statement of purpose, and two letters of recommendation. Students must select a graduate track (Statistics, Operations Research, Computational Applied Math, or Computational Biology); note that the Quantitative Finance track is not available in the Accelerated BS/MS Program. The deadline for application is June 1st for fall admission and December 30th for spring admission.

Withdrawing from Accelerated BS/MS Program If a student decides to withdraw from the accelerated BS/MS program and graduate with just a BS degree, (s)he must formally withdraw from the program by filling out the request for complete withdrawal from accelerated program form and submitting it to the Graduate School.