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Applied Mathematics and Statistics Major:  Goals and Learning Outcomes



A.  Guide students to learn the theories and techniques of applied mathematics: statistics, operations research, differential equations, discrete mathematics, and computation.

B.  Provide students with the opportunity to model and analyze quantitative problems using the tools of applied mathematics.

C.  Guide students to learn to work their way through complex, multi-step problems.

D.  Guide students to learn to modify standard techniques in applied mathematics to solve new types of problems.

E.  Guide students to lear how to analyze and interpret data.

F.  Foster an ability to communicate the mathematical analysis of a problem, from building a mathematical model, solving it, and then interpreting the solution.

Learning Outcomes

1.  Solve problems using calculus, differential equations, and applied linear algebra.

2.  Solve problems using probability, statistics and data science.

3.  Solve problems using operations research.

4.  Solve problem using discrete mathematics.

5.  Solve problems in financial mathematics.

6.  Solve problems in computational biology.