Group Leader:

Prof. H. Metcalf

Adjunct Professor:

Tom Bergeman

Visiting Scholar:

Martin G. Cohen


Mary Lyon

Graduate Students:

Brian Arnold
Yifan Fang
Xiaoyang Liu

Undergraduate Students:

David Siegel
Max Stanley

Recent Ph.D. Graduates :

John Elgin
Chris Corder
Yuan Sun
Daniel Stack
Xiaoxu Lu
Jason Reeves
Claire Allred

Recent MSI Graduates:

Taichi Inaki

Recent Undergrads:

Anthony Orlando
Grant Richmond
Xiang Hua
Jessica Gasparik
Casey McKenna
Stefan Evans
Seth Berl
James Dragan
Thomas Mittiga


Vlad Zakharov
Deqian Yuan

Laser Teaching Center

John Noé

Vladislav Zakharov

I joined Harold Metcalf's group in winter 2013, half a year after arriving at Stony Brook. I received my bachelors in physics from Polytechnic Institute of NYU in May 2011. Afterwords I did one year of graduate physics studies at Steven's Institute of Technology before transferring to Stony.

Email: vladislav.zakharov [at]
Phone: (631) 632-8184