Group Leader:

Prof. H. Metcalf

Visiting Scholar:

Martin G. Cohen

Graduate Students:

Edoardo Buonocore
Yifan Fang
Xiaoyang Liu
Eli Rafkin

Undergraduate Students:

Michael Dapolito
(now MSI)

Recent Post-doc

Mary Lyon

Recent Ph.D. Graduates :

Brian Arnold
John Elgin
Chris Corder
Yuan Sun
Daniel Stack
Xiaoxu Lu
Jason Reeves
Claire Allred

Recent MSI Graduates:

Ian Schwartz
Taichi Inaki

Recent Undergrads:

ChiuYin Lee
David Siegel
Perri Zilberman
Max Stanley
Anthony Orlando
Grant Richmond
Xiang Hua
Jessica Gasparik
Casey McKenna
Stefan Evans
Seth Berl
James Dragan
Thomas Mittiga

Laser Teaching Center:

Eric Jones


Vlad Zakharov
Deqian Yuan

Adjunct Professor:

Tom Bergeman DECEASED

Laser Teaching Center:

John Noé

Mary Lyon

Mary was an undergraduate at Bryn Mawr and worked on Rydberg atoms with Mike Noel. She earned her Ph.D. in 2014 working on ultra-cold plasmas with Scott Bergeson at Brigham Young University. She was a postdoc at JQI at the Univ. MD and joined us in July, 2017. She was married in 2017 (right hand photo). She worked in the Laser Teaching Center in the summer of 2017 as well as in our research laboratory on multiple experimental projects.

Email: Mary.Lyon [at]