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Celebration Schedule - for Wednesday April 25, 2018  - listings are subject to change

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Posters/ Exhibits, 
SAC Ballroom A, 10 -4

Welcome remarks. 12:30 - Dr. Michael Bernstein & Dr. Charles Robbins

Art Exhibition Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery –  April 26 - May 5

Reception:  Thursday, April 26, 4-6pm


Oral Presentations  :

CEAS Senior Design - SAC Auditorium -  9:00-11:00

English Department Conference, SAC 305, 1:00-2:20

History Department Conference, SAC 304, 10:30-2:45

Psychology Department/Psi Chi Conference, SAC 305,  12:00-12:45

Writing & Rhetoric Program Conference, SAC 303, 11:30-2:30



CEAS Engineering Senior Design Presentations, Student Activities Center, SAC Auditorium

Chemical & Molecular Engineering (9:00-9:15)
Renewable Diesel from Upscaling Biomass
Ryan Kerr, Simon Lin, Tak Kit Yeung, Christopher Zambito
Faculty Advisor: Devinder Mahajan, Department of Materials Science & Chemical Engineering

Engineering Science (9:15-9:30)
Longboard Charger
Aasif Jain, Dohee Kim, Kenneth Luong, Hanjie Tan
Faculty Advisor: Jonathan Sokolov, Department of Materials Science & Chemical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering (9:30-9:45)
A BeLocal Senior Design Project: Rice Processing: The Pounding Process
Gavyn Hagemann, Eucherius Rosario, Angela Schuler, Tatsuya Tasaki
Faculty Advisors: Robert Kukta, Jay Mendelson, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Civil Engineering (9:45-10:00)
University Library Interior Renovation
Nelsy Badia, Xudong Ge, Devan Mosciatti, Christina Rajbahar, Urias Soto
Faculty Advisor: Harold Walker, Department of Civil Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering (10:00-10:15)
Wirelessly Powered Bluetooth Mouse
Michael D’Agati; Faculty Advisor: Milutin Stanacevic, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Computer Vision for Augmented Reality Interaction
Himanshu Goel; Faculty Advisor: Murali Subbarao, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Biomedical Engineering (10:15-10:30)
ROFLEX: A Wearable System for Teaching, Monitoring, and Correcting Body Movements 
Amna Haider, Joseph Muller, Jimmy George, Belinda Tang, Yusef Saad-Eldin
Faculty Advisors: M. Ete Chan, Helmut H. Strey, Department of Biomedical Engineering


English Department Conference - Student Activities Center, Room 305   1:00-2:20

Affective Spaces and Boundaries in Twenty-First Century Horror Films
Ashley Barry; Advisors: Susan Scheckel, Justin Johnston (second reader), Department of English

On the Literary Merits of Branching Narratives
Danielle Keel; Advisors: Benedict Robinson, Matthew Mosher (second reader), Department of English

George Herbert's "Affliction" Series: Spiritual Growth and Chronology
Justin Lerner; Advisors: Douglas Pfeiffer, Bente Videbaek (second reader), Department of English

Reclaiming Dido: Rewriting Lost Perspectives in The Aeneid
Jessica Vestuto; Advisors: Douglas Pfeiffer, Peter Manning (second reader), Department of English

Octavio Paz: Reimagining Milton's Fallen Language
Deanna Zarrillo; Advisors: Peter Manning, Department of English; Lena Burgos-Lafuente (second reader), Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature



History Department Conference - Student Activities Center, Room 304

10:45-11:00  "The Figure Before the Booke": The Image of The Mystic Massacre in John Underhill's Newes from America, 1638
Alexandra Zigomalas; Advisor: Ned Landsman, Department of History

The History of Asbestos as an Industrial Hazard
Matthew Walker; Advisor: Christopher Sellers, Department of History

11:15-11:30  Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction in Baseball
Cory Cohen; Advisor: Michael Barnhart, Department of History

11:30-11:45  Cabeza de Vaca
Kathryn Maupin; Advisor: Paul Kelton, Department of History

For God’s Sake: Implications of Martyrdom on Anabaptist Women in the Martyrs’ Mirror
Joseph Magro; Advisor: Joshua Teplitsky, Department of History

12:00-12:15  Optimus Princeps Monumentis : Buildings for the Public
Josiah Calise; Advisor: Donna Rilling, Department of History


  1:30-1:45  Through the Mirrors of Other Women: Chinese YWCA Women on Lower-Class Women and the Modern Girl in The Green Year
Shuning Feng; Advisor: Iona Man-Cheon, Department of History

  1:45-2:00  It Fell With a Splash: From Gunning to Farming Ducks on Long Island
Rourke Feinberg; Advisor: Wilbur Miller, Department of History

  2:00-2:15  The Production of Empire: Benito Mussolini, the Via dell'Impero, and Scipione l'Africano
Isabelle Mitchell; Advisor : Janis Mimura, Department of History

Stars, Stripes, and Swastikas: An Examination of the Americanization of the German American Bun
Travis Semcken; Advisor: Janis Mimura, Department of History




Psychology / Psi Chi Conference -Student Activities Center, Room 305 -12 noon-12:45

Concurrent Irritability and Anxiety: Risk-Factors for Perpetration and Victimization of Bullying
Hung-Wei Chen; Advisor:Johanna Jarcho & Nicholas Eaton, Department of Psychology

Adult Outcomes for Late-Diagnosed Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Christopher Esposito*; Lee Ann Santore.  Advisor: Matthew Lerner, Department of Psychology

Neural Response to Monetary and Social Feedback
Jessica Prashad; Advisor: Brady Nelson, Department of Psychology


Writing & Rhetoric Program Conference - Student Activities Center, Room 303 11:30-2:30

South Africa's Nuclear Rhetoric
Kip Daly; Advisor: Robert Kaplan, Program in  Writing and Rhetoric

Reconstructing the RhetComp Blog
Sampson Berlinski; Advisor: Robert Kaplan, Program in  Writing and Rhetoric

The First Amendment at the Heart of Safe Spaces
Thor Hawrey; Advisor: Robert Kaplan, Program in  Writing and Rhetoric

Cognitive Flexibility and ADHD: The Paradoxical ‘Hyperfocus’ and Its Clinical Implications
Steve Carey; Advisor: Robert Kaplan, Program in  Writing and Rhetoric

I Am: Building A Community through a Multimedia Blog
Megan Cahill-Assenza; Advisor: Cynthia Davidson, Program in  Writing and Rhetoric

Analyzing the Use of and Increasing Dependence on Executive Action to Affect Immigration Policy in the United States
Karis Tatuska; Advisor: Robert Kaplan, Program in  Writing and Rhetoric

The Reversal of Brain Drain: Exploring the Patterns, Causes, Consequences and Solutions
Roberta Geffrard; Advisor: Ghanashyam Sharma, Program in  Writing and Rhetoric

Examining Culture is Critical in Solving Female Genital Mutilation
Jasleen Kaur; Advisor: Ghanashyam Sharma, Program in  Writing and Rhetoric

Innovation from Interdisciplinary Education
Lopa Shah; Advisor: Kristina Lucenko, Program in  Writing and Rhetoric

Electricity Is Not the Answer
Fangzhou Wang; Advisor: Ghanashyam Sharma, Program in  Writing and Rhetoric

Solution to Abortion?
Lin Feng; Advisor: Ghanashyam Sharma, Program in  Writing and Rhetoric


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