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What's New For 2021-2022?

The Undergraduate Colleges (UGC) are vibrant learning communities offering individualized support, while connecting you with faculty, staff, and campus resources to guide you to a successful first year at Stony Brook. The UGC's are not linked to any majors and each will provide you with the knowledge and transferable skills that will complement any choice of major/career aspiration.

All UGC's include:

  • customized advising and support
  • special educational and social programs
  • opportunities for close interaction with faculty and peers around themes of common interest

The UGC's have undergone a transformation for 2021-2022 with new themes centered around global issues, increased advising support with smaller advisor to student ratios, and more connections to campus resources!

As of Fall 2021, The UGC Themes are as follows: 

Social Justice, Equity, & Ethics
Advisors: Lori Glubiak, Peter Franzese, Amber Gemperline

The Social Justice, Equity, & Ethics undergraduate college focuses on the pursuit of diversity and inclusion, while creating a language of equal human rights for the 21st century. The college will seek solutions to widening disparities in health, education, and society based on identities including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, ability, gender, and sexual orientation. Students in this college will analyze social justice and equity related challenges, both domestically and internationally, in historical and contemporary contexts. 

Possible topics of discussion may include, but are not limited to:

Social Justice Movements
Access to Healthcare for All
Environmental Racism, Waste, and Justice
Managing the Education Gap
The Ethics of Complacency
Media, Integrity, and Responsibility
Identity, Inclusion, and Community
Globalization and Human Equity

Affiliated with the Mendelsohn Community in Campus Residences

Creativity, Technology, & Innovation
Advisors: Jess O'Brien, Erika Benhardt, Celeste Demby

The Creativity, Technology, & Innovation undergraduate college focuses on addressing the grand challenges of society by exploring curiosities, identifying possibilities, and creating change utilizing the arts and humanities, entrepreneurship, and technology. Students in this college will investigate the accountability, sustainability, equity, and ethics of technological transformation and stretch beyond perceived limitations to envision the future.

Possible topics of discussion may include, but are not limited to:

Designing Innovations in Health and Healthcare
Impact of the Arts in the Innovation Era
Information and Communication Technology
Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Technology, Media, and Social Accountability
Environment, Energy, and Sustainability
Technologies and Music
The Digital Divide: Equal Access to Information and Knowledge

Affiliated with the Eleanor Roosevelt Community in Campus Residences

Global Health, Wellness, & Community
Advisors: Amie Vedral Cohen, Candace Chabza, Samantha Zinke

The Global Health, Wellness, & Community undergraduate college focuses on exploring the notion of communities, while addressing the challenges and vulnerabilities that directly impact the wellness of the environment, ecosystems, and people around the world. Whether responding to emerging pandemics, food insecurity, climate change, the continuing burden of infectious and noncommunicable diseases, and other threats to mental and physical health, the college will seek practical solutions to these challenges that consider culture, equity, and sustainability.

Possible topics of discussion may include, but are not limited to:

Global Public Health
Environmental and Planetary Health 
Nutrition and Sustainable Food Systems
Mental Health and Overall Well-being
National and Global Health Concerns
Learning, Living, and Working Mindfully (Mindfulness)
Health and Wellness Policies
Sustainability of Communities, Cultures, and Climates

Affiliated with the H Community in Campus Residences