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ZEISS Crossbeam 340

Technical Details hi

  • FE-SEM combines the 3D imaging and analytical performance of the GEMINI column with the ability of FIB for material processing and sample preparation on a nanoscopic scale
  • Can be operated in High vacuum or Variable Pressure mode
  • Multiple detectors available: InLens Duo (SE and BSE mode), SE2, VPSE, BSE, and STEM
  • Capella FIB column with Ga-Liquid metal ion source:

Resolution at 30kV: 3nm
Voltage range: 500V-30kV
Probe current range: 1pA-100nA

  • Equipped with Gas Injection System of Platinum precursor
  • Equipped with Micromanipulator, capable of TEM lamellas¬†specimen preparation
  • Equipped with Oxford EDAX and EBSD detectors
  • Equipped with Atlas 5, a powerful integrated software, capble of 3D Tomography imaging and Nanopatterning process
  • Equipped with Leica Cryo system