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Leica TCS SP8 X

Technical Details confocal

  • Upright Leica DM 6000 with adaptive focus, motorized XY-Stage (15 nm step size) and Super Z Galvo (1500µm/ 3 nm step size)
  • Tandem scanner 8 KHz:

Non-resonant mode: 1-1800 Hz (3600 Hz bidirectional),7fps for 512x 512 pixels, Max frame size 8192x 8192 pixels  
Resonant mode: 8000 Hz (16000Hz bidirectional), 28 fps for 512x 512 pixels, Max frame size 1024x 1024 pixels

  • WLL (White Light Laser 470-670 nm), Laser UV 405 nm DMOD flexible
  • Detection range: 400-800 nm
  • Internal detection channels: 2xPMT, 2x HyD
  • Transmitted light detectors: BF (Brightfield)
  • Fluo filters: A (BP 340-380, LP 425), I3 (BP 450-490, LP 515), N2.1 (BP 515-560, LP 590)
  • All objectives have a corresponding DIC (differential interference contrast) condenser prism for DIC measurement in confocal mode
  • Equipped with Tokai Hit Stage Incubator providing 37˚ C and 5% CO2 for live cell imaging

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