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SBU’s Parking Lot LED Lights Are Brighter & Energy Efficient

January 6, 2014

by Sakib Ahmed

Stony Brook University continues to get brighter while reducing its energy consumption thanks to a comprehensive surface parking lot lighting project, which involved retrofitting fixtures in 14 parking lots on West Campus.  In 2014, the University replaced a total of 320-exterior metal halide lighting fixtures (which were 250 watts each) with energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) fixtures (which are 109 watts each).  The replacement LED fixtures emit light that is brighter to the eye, use half of the energy of the previous light fixtures and offer savings in terms of energy and maintenance costs.

The Division of Facilities & Services, Department of Transportation & Parking Operations, Office of Sustainability and Department of Campus Operations & Maintenance collaborated on the project which met a numbers of goals, including limiting the University’s impact on the natural environment, increasing parking lot light visibility and lowering utilities/lighting maintenance expenses.  The project also helped the University with respect to compliance with a variety of New York State Executive Orders.    

The parking lots that received the lighting upgrade include the Stadium Lot, H (“SAC”) Lot, Math/Physics, Administration/Wang Overflow, Computing Center, Gym Road and the metered lots located in Life Sciences, Chemistry, M&H Quad, Student Activities Center, Heavy Engineering, Humanities, Sports Complex and Student Union – which are all located on West Campus.  The LED fixtures operate at a cooler temperature than their previous counterparts and require considerably less energy during operation.  In addition, the LED fixtures used in the project have an extra long life expectancy of 22.8 years per fixture, are less likely to blow out or overheat during the summer months and are estimated to save approximately 133,869-kWh annually in energy consumption.  “With this comprehensive lighting project, the University saves a significant amount of energy and offers enhanced parking lot lighting to our University community, all while reducing our carbon footprint and lowering utilities and maintenance expenses.”  said James Ambroise, Site Manager for the Department of Transportation & Parking Operations.  “The project is truly a win-win for our University and a great example of our collaborative Departmental efforts.”  

For more information on this initiative, please contact:
Stony Brook University
Office of Sustainability