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Health & Wellness Concerns

Most students will encounter some form of health issue during their time as a student. While we hope these occurrences are minor, there are sure to be situations involving students who are sick, injured, or dealing with significant medical or mental health challenges that disrupt their academic pursuits. Should you encounter these kinds of issues, we can help.

Whether you are dealing with a long-term illness, an injury that leaves you permanently or temporarily disabled, or some other issue, you are encouraged to contact us with questions and concerns about how this may impact your status at the University. We will work to connect you with other resources, advise you on how to manage your condition in relation to school, and offer whatever support we can provide. Our goal is to ensure that you effectively balance your own health and well-being with the academic demands of Stony Brook University.

Faculty Notification: It is common for the Student Support Team to receive notice from hospitals, residence hall staff, parents, friends, etc. that a student is sick, injured, or dealing with a crisis or emergency. Student Support Team staff members collect documentation of such situations and provide students with resources to help. In instances when the student cannot notify their faculty of associated class absences, we send a general notification to the student's instructors to inform them of the student's missed class and expected return date, if known. We are happy to serve as a liaison until it is reasonable for the student to resume their studies.

This communication is sent as a courtesy notification that the student's circumstances are such that it may warrant a valid absence from class. Any academic accommodations or arrangements to make up missed work must be agreed upon between the student and faculty member.