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Three Main Themed Area Initiatives 

1. Career Mobility:

Implement a comprehensive and strategic plan for career mobility through pipeline and mentoring initiatives.

  • Executive Mentorship: (Projected Start Date: Jan 2019)

Designed to connect select Student Affairs mid and senior level under-represented staff to executive level staff within and outside of Student Affairs at Stony Brook for mentorship and career coaching. This would be a deliberate mentoring opportunity for high potential professionals.

  • New Professional Career Mobility Series: (Projected Start Date: Fall 2018)

A pilot series program designed to help entry level underrepresented Student Affairs staff with professional development and developing career enhancement (in conjunction with  Competency Development Workshop Series).


2. Competency Development:

Create professional development and competency building strategies and workshops regarding diversity and inclusion

  • Professional Competencies Self-Assessment Workshop and Orientation (coming soon in September 2018)

  • Professional Development Competencies 6 Part Certificate Series (coming this 2018/2019 school year).


3. A Community of Support:

Improve morale and create a more supportive community through inclusive social, cultural, and professional events and initiatives (Activities will take place throughout the 2018/2019 school year).

  • Social Activities: Improve morale for underrepresented Student Affairs Personnel through social, cultural, and professional events and initiatives
  • Safer Space- Huddles to create physical and virtual spaces to connect with other staff
  • On-Boarding/New Staff Orientation
  • Peer to Peer Coaching
  • Networking opportunities (local, regional, and national)
  • Ethnic and professional affinity groups


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