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Affinity Groups

The Division of Student Affairs has developed Affinity Groups as a result of  input gathered from  survey responses from staff members. Members of the Division have volunteered to serve as facilitator or conveners for the following Affinity Groups. There are still opportunities available to become a facilitator or convener and also opportunities to become a member within certain groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Affinity Groups

Biracial Professionals

Black/Men of Color Professionals

Black/Women of Color Professionals


Cross Racial Alliance

Disabilities and Professionals


First Generation Professionals

Immigrant Professionals

Latin American Professionals

LGBTQ Professionals

Mental Health and Professionals

Middle Eastern Professionals

Veteran Professionals

White Fragility and Professionals

White Male Professionals

Women Professionals

Working Parents/Work-Life Balance Professionals  


Please keep in mind any modification or change in Affinity group names are welcome any once groups have convened.  

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