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How to Apply

NY-state based companies looking to work with us can apply for SPIR funding and resources (faculty, labs, students) by following just a few simple steps.

Average time from inquiry to project set up is about 2 weeks.

  Step 1

Contact the SPIR coordinator in the department that you wish to work with to discuss your project and together develop a scope of work and level of effort required.

Step 2

Work together to develop a budget and a time line for your project.

Step 3

Identify someone from your company who will act as the technical advisor on the project.

Step 4

Identify someone from the university who will act as the technical advisor, hereafter referred to as the Campus PI. In most situations, Campus PI is the SPIR Coordinator.

Step 5

Campus PI will post the student positions, if needed, or company can post the position on Handshake to obtain resumes from interested students who would like to work on your project.

Step 6

Company reviews resumes and selects best student(s) for the project. The Company can consult SPIR Coordinator for selecting a student or can ask for recommendations.

Step 7

Fill out the  2 page SPIR Proposal Form (found by clicking on the "Forms" button under "How to Apply" )  to unlock the SPIR funding. Be sure to use your full, legal corporate name.

Step 8

Return the form via email to the Campus PI.

Step 9

Campus PI will submit application materials to the SPIR office for project approval.

Step 10

Once the SPIR office approves a project, they will contact the Research Foundation of the State of New York (RF) to have them setup a project account for your company.  Your project will either be set up as a sponsored research project or as a SPIR internship project depending on the type of project that your company will be undertaking.

Step 11

RF will set up a project account and will send you a contract and an invoice, which you will need to sign and return to RF with payment.  Please remember to include remittance advice on your check and send to the address on your invoice.

The project cannot start without the completion of this critical step.

Step 12

Campus PI completes appointment paperwork to add student to project. 

Questions regarding the information herein should be directed to Dr. Lisa Chichura at 631-216-7112 or