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Seven Ways SPIR Can Help Your Business

SPIR offers a combination of experience, capabilities and commitment to help strengthen your business. Here are seven ways businesses like yours can benefit from SPIR:

  1. Matching Funds

    Provides matching funds for projects with SUNY Stony Brook

  2. Increase R&D potential

    By becoming a company's R&D arm, SPIR can assist businesses with the development of their ideas and projects.

  3. Try new technologies before making capital investments

    Through SPIR, you can investigate and gain hands-on experience with the latest technological applications before investing your company's time and money.

  4. Share equipment, laboratories and other resources

    SPIR can help develop joint programs with large- and medium-sized companies for shared use of equipment, laboratories and other resources. Scientists and engineers from industry and the universities may work in both academic and commercial environments.

  5. Receive help in competing for government contracts and programs

    Many experts within SPIR can help your company compete for federal contracts and programs by working on joint proposals or by directing you to other companies or agencies that can help.

  6. Develop partnerships with other companies

    Partnerships can yield new products and enterprises. SPIR can provide the contacts and help promote new ventures.

  7. Employ student interns

    Student internship programs can help companies reduce their recruitment and training costs. Companies can hire top engineering and applied sciences students as interns and then recruit the same students for full-time entry level positions when they graduate.

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