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What is SPIR?

In today's rapidly changing business environment it's essential that businesses stay on top of advances in technology. Keeping up with these developments, though, can be difficult and costly. That's where the Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence (SPIR) can help.

Through the resources of four State University of New York (SUNY) engineering programs, SPIR hopes to revitalize and redirect New York State industry by moving it toward an economy based on technical knowledge and the development of new technologies. The four campuses, Binghamton, Buffalo, Albany and Stony Brook, offer an engineering resource that is unparalleled in New York State.

Whether you're a small firm looking to streamline your manufacturing processes, a large high-tech company seeking to expand your international horizons, or a company exploring ways to adapt to new environmental regulations, SPIR's goal is to make your business more competitive.

SPIR is built on the successful relationships between the individual SUNY engineering programs and their industrial partners. By working together, SUNY engineering programs can reach many more companies with an even wider range of needs. SPIR provides New York State industries with:

  • The expertise of more than 500 engineers and applied scientists.
  • Cutting-edge research findings (more than $30 million in annual expenditures).
  • Experience with more than 490 companies in New York State.
  • Access to top engineering and applied science students.
  • Access to advanced manufacturing and high-technology facilities.
  • A host of other resources to help your business become more competitive.

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