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Kristen Shorette

Kristen Shorette

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest

Global & Transnational Sociology; Environmental Sociology; Economic Sociology; Health; Human Rights; Education; Culture; Political Economy; Comparative, Network, and Statistical Methods


Kristen Shorette’s research examines the political economic and normative aspects of globalization, primarily in the fields of environment, economy, and health. Her work focuses on the role of global institutions in macro-structural change in the context of a highly stratified world system. She is especially interested in the potential of international organizations and treaties to alleviate economic, social, and environmental inequalities and how that potential varies by regional, national, and local context.

Shorette's current projects examine trends in carbon dioxide emissions, the regulation of hazardous chemicals, market-based social justice initiatives, inequalities in global health, and state and university anti-discrimination efforts.


Recent Publications

Bandelj, Nina, Matthew Mahutga, and Kristen Shorette. Forthcoming. “Signaling Demand for Foreign Investment: Postsocialist Countries in the Global Bilateral Investment Treaties Network.”  Europe-Asia Studies.

Shorette, Kristen. 2014. “Nongovernmental Regulation and Construction of Value in Global Markets: The Rise of Fair Trade, 1961-2006.”  Sociological Perspectives 57(4): 526-547.

Shorette, Kristen . 2012. “Outcomes of Global Environmentalism: Longitudinal and Cross-National Trends in Chemical Fertilizer and Pesticide Use.”  Social Forces 91(1): 299-325.

Thiele, Megan, Kristen Shorette, and Catherine Bolzendahl. 2012. “Returns to Education: Exploring the Link between Legislators’ Public School Degrees and State Spending on Higher Education.”  Sociological Inquiry 82(2): 305-328.

Shorette, Kristen. 2011. “Fair Trade and the Double Movement: The Promise and Contradictions of Improving Labor Standards in the Global South via Market Mechanisms.”  Journal of Workplace Rights 15(3-4): 461-481.

Bandelj, Nina, Kristen Shorette , and Elizabeth Sowers. 2011. “Work and Neoliberal Globalization: A Polanyian Synthesis.” Sociology Compass 5(9): 807-823.

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