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Catherine Marrone


Advanced Senior Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Areas of Interest:

Medical Sociology, Gender, Gender and Work, Sociology of Human Reproduction, Sociology of Aging


Catherine’s research and teaching have focused on a number of issues within the field of Medical Sociology that include social inequality in health and the Sociology of Aging.  Her course, The Sociology of Human Reproduction, addresses global issues related to Infant and Maternal Mortality, fertility rates (and demographic changes) and the cultural consequences of new forms of Reproductive Technology. (She has an edited a course text from University Readers, 2010).   Her current research includes the study of Academic Dishonesty “academic cheating’ on college campuses (especially given changes in the technical and mediated culture) and some early analysis of the growing group of Doulas (labor support) in childbirth; Misty Curreli, an advanced graduate student and colleague both inspired-- and started--this work on Doulas.