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Carrie Shandra

Carrie Shandra

Associate Professor

Areas of Interest

Disabilities, Market & Nonmarket Work, Transition to Adulthood, Time Use, Quantitative Methodology, Social Demography


My research is broadly focused on understanding work and life course inequalities in the United States, particularly as they occur during the transition to adulthood and among individuals with disabilities.  My research on work includes both paid employment and other forms of productivity that may not be compensated in the market - including care work, housework, and volunteering.  I'm also interested in understanding young adults' early labor force participation and the factors that promote future employment.


Recent Publications

Shandra, Carrie L. Forthcoming. "Disability and Patterns of Leisure Participation across the Life Course." The Journals of Gerontology: Series B.

Carrie L. Shandra. 2018. "Disability as Inequality: Social Disparities, Health Disparities, and Participation in Daily Activities."   Social Forces  97(1): 157-192.

Carrie L. Shandra. “Disability and Social Participation: The Case of Formal and Informal Volunteering.”  Social Science Research. DOI: 10.1016/j.ssresearch.2017.02.006

Carrie L. Shandra and  Anna Penner. 2017. “Benefactors and Beneficiaries?  Disability and Care to Others.”  Journal of Marriage and Family 79(4): 1160–1185.***2017 Outstanding Publication in the Sociology of Disability Award, ASA Section on Disability and Society.

Carrie L. Shandra. 2017. "Disability and Social Participation:  The Case of Formal and Informal Volunteering."   Social Science Research 68:195-213.

Carrie L. Shandra. 2016 “Nonmarket Work among Working-Age Disability Beneficiaries: Evidence from the American Time Use Survey.  Journal of Disability Policy Studies 27(2): 76-85.

Carrie L. Shandra,  Masra Shameem, and  Sadaf Ghori. 2016. "Disability and the Context of Boys' First Sexual Intercourse."  Journal of Adolescent Health 58(3): 302-309.

Carrie L. Shandra, Dennis P. Hogan and Susan E. Short. 2014. “Planning for Motherhood: Fertility Attitudes, Desires, and Intentions among Women with Disabilities.”  Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health 46(4):203-210.

Carrie L. Shandra, Dennis P. Hogan, Roger C. Avery, and Michael Msall. 2012. “Child and Adult Physical Disability in the 2000 Census: Disability is a Household Affair”. Disability and Health Journal 5(4):241-248.

Carrie L. Shandra and Dennis P. Hogan. 2012. “Delinquency among Adolescents with Disabilities.” Child Indicators Research 5(4):771-788.

Carrie L. Shandra., John M. Shandra, Eric Shircliff and Bruce London. 2012. “The International Monetary
Fund, Structural Adjustment, and Infant Mortality: A Cross-National Analysis of Sub-Saharan Africa.”
Journal of Poverty 16(2):194-219.

Carrie L. Shandra and Afra R. Chowdhury. 2012. “The First Sexual Experience among Adolescent Girls
With and Without Disabilities.” Journal of Youth and Adolescence 41(4):515-532.

Carrie L. Shandra. 2011. “Life Course Transitions among Adolescents with and without Disabilities: A
Longitudinal Examination of Expectations and Outcomes.” International Journal of Sociology 41: 67-86.

Shandra, Carrie L., John M. Shandra, and Bruce London. 2011. "World Bank Structural Adjustment, Water, and Sanitation: A Cross-National Analysis of Child Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa."   Organization & Environment   24(2):107-129.