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Submission Guidelines

Local (SBU) IACUC Submission Guidelines

As of October 19, 2020, no new studies will be accepted in IRBNet. All new studies must be submitted for review in myResearch IACUC.   All submissions related to these studies will be reviewed in myResearch IACUC.  Studies (both initial and continuing review) as well as amendments that are already in IRBNet and that are not yet approved will remain in IRBNet.

 As of October 19, 2020 a “shell” of the approved study will be imported into myResearch and available to the Principal Investigator and study team members in their myResearch Inbox. The following study information for all active studies will be transferred to the “shell” located in myResearch: IRBNet ID number, study title, study PI name and study team members, the last day of the annual review period and the last day of the triennial approval period. The number of your “shell” study is the IRBNet ID number. Documents from IRBNet will be uploaded into myResearch for that study. 

The Principal Investigator and study team members are responsible for reviewing all automatically imported information for accuracy and completing the remainder of the application prior to submission for continuing review. 

 In order to submit an annual or triennial review, or an amendment, for a study imported into myResearch, see the applicable submission instructions in the myResearch Training Manual. 

Note:  Please download the required Amendment Form.

If you are unable to locate one of your studies in myResearch please contact Jamie Fuellbier with the IRBNet ID number.

myResearch IACUC Submission Instructions

myResearch IACUC Training Manual (updated 12/11/20)

In lieu of the electronic signature requirement as in IRBNet, the Department Chair/designated signatory, must complete a brief form prior to submitting the review certifying approval or disapproval of the proposed submission. 

myResearch IACUC YouTube Training Videos

Creating a Research Team

Creating a Substance

Creating a Procedure

Creating a Protocol

Responding to Modifications

Designated Member Review

Full Committee Review (Primary and Secondary Reviewers)