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Submission Guidelines 

Regarding studies already approved or submitted in IRBNet as of December 16, 2019:  All submissions related to these studies will continue to be reviewed in IRBNet until the time of continuing review. From the time of continuing review and onward, these studies will be reviewed in myResearch. 

All studies with an expiration date after December16, 2019 will be imported into myResearch and available to the Principal Investigator and study team members in their myResearch Inbox.  Some but not all of the study data will be transferred into the myResearch application. The Principal Investigator and study team members are responsible for reviewing all automatically imported information for accuracy and completing the remainder of the application prior to submission for continuing review.  In order to submit a continuing review application for a study imported into myResearch, see the continuing review submission instructions below. 

As of December 2019, no new studies will be accepted in IRBNet. All new studies must be submitted for review in myResearch Safety.

Note: If you do not see one of your studies in your myResearch Inbox, please send an email with the IRBNet ID# to  for assistance.

myResearch Submission Instructions