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Awards: Receipt & Setup

When the sponsor has reached a decision, RFSUNY/SBU will be informed through either a notice of award letter or a regret letter. If the proposal is to be funded, then the sponsor sends notice to RFSUNY/SBU that contains the terms and conditions that RFSUNY/SBU must accept to receive the funding.

Following the receipt of a sponsored award notice and/or an agreement indicating an intention to fund, OSP is responsible for approving terms and conditions of awards/agreements and ensuring relevant information is available for continued award set up. Following the approval, the OSP Grants and/or Contracts Specialists will then transfer the award documents and actions to the Account Establishment and Maintenance Unit (AEMU) which consisting of staff from OSP, who will continue with the set up process. The AEMU team is responsible for establishing awards in Oracle (NOTE: it takes 24 business hours for the information to run in Oracle and get captured in RF Report Center and ERAS before the system generates an internal award/project/task number). Once an account is active (including advance accounts) and the overnight action is completed, the AEMU team will electronically notify the Principal Investigator (PI), and co-investigators (CoPIs), and designated departmental administrators of the assigned award/project number(s) so the PI can begin spending on the award. 

AEMU is working closely with the OSP Specialists and OGM Analysts on processing and transitioning several complex actions into Oracle (e.g.  budget increases/reductions, sponsor approved budget revisions, change in PI/CoPIs, approved carry-forwards or no cost extensions, consolidating compliance approvals such as export control, COI, IRB, IACUC etc., IFR &Cost Share efforts).

A EMU also is responsible for establishing & managing all Internal Awards & Start-ups - Seed Grants, TROs, IDC, Royalty, RSR, CPMP & SBF Accounts.   The unit works closely with the Budget Office for the distribution of IDC & royalty funds. Through communication with RF Central Office and other campuses, AEMU manages SBU project  for awards set up at other SUNY campuses. Lastly, AEMU works closely with OGM to establish and manage all the Staffing Services Payroll & Service & Facility Accounts.

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