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MIC Statement on Anti-AAPI Racism (April 2021)


We, at MIC, condemn in strongest terms racism against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI), as we recognize the recent mass shootings in Atlanta, along with the  widespread and escalating violence and harassment directed at the AAPI community, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. We denounce the scapegoating of Asian Americans for national crises, the characterization of Asian Americans as perpetual foreigners, or the positioning of Asian Americans as racial threats.  We stand steadfast alongside other Centers, Departments and Programs on campus against all forms of discrimination, racism, white supremacy, xenophobia, and violence.  To fulfill our core mission of exploring multilingualism and promoting intercultural understanding, we are more committed than ever to addressing issues of language and social justice in our research and outreach.  We stand ready to draw on our expertise to support students, colleagues, and community members most affected by anti-AAPI racism.

Anti Racist Resources



News & Events

APR 29

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Workshop Series on Language and Social Justice: Language Learning in Study Abroad: The Intersectionality of Class, Gender, and Ethnicity [Yi Wang (SBU), Wenhao Diao (University of Arizona)]

APR 14

David Gramling
MIC Distinguished Lecture Series: Monolingualism, In/Justice (David Gramling, University of British Columbia)


Angela Scarino
MIC Distinguished Lecture Series: Assessing Intercultural Capability in Language Learning (Angela Scarino, University of South Australia)

FEB 11

Workshop Series on Language and Social Justice: Language Diversity Initiatives in Higher Education (Stephany Dunstan, North Carolina State University)

NOV 11

Sign Languages of the World by Dr. Mark Aronoff (Stony Brook University)


Mobility and Multilingualism

An Interview with Dr. Suresh Canagarajah Conducted by Dr. Loredana Polezzi 2021-Interview-Canagarajah

Critical Approaches to Social Justice and Antiracism in Language Education

An Interview with Dr. Ryuko Kubota Conducted by Dr. Eriko Sato Eriko Sato

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