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Mission of the Center

MIC is an interdisciplinary research center where applied linguists, linguists, anthropologists, psychologists, communication scholars, education specialists and scholars of allied disciplines explore multilingual repertoires as rich resources in the context of global mobility and technological advancement. It particularly promotes research on communicative repertoires involving languages and cultures of Asia. MIC aims to

  • Generate knowledge on the impact of global mobility and technological innovation on language practices
  • Conduct research on languages and lives of bilingual and multilingual speakers and speech communities
  • Examine the communicative adaptations and transformations by individuals and groups as they transcend languages and cultures
  • Build cross-cultural databases on multilingual development and intercultural communication
  • Inform the public on the means and meanings of developing multilingual and multicultural repertoires
  • Contribute to the visibility of Stony Brook as a leader in bilingualism/ multilingualism and intercultural communication research and teaching