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Adjunct Faculty


Adzic, Radoslav, Ph.D., 1974, University of Belgrade, Chemistry; Surface electrochemistry; electrocatalysis; direct energy conversion; fuel cells

Abboud, Marcus, Ph.D., 2003, University of Bonn, Dental Medicine; “Correlation between gingival recession and tooth deflections in patients with mandibular crowding”

Abdelaziz, Sherif, Ph.D., 2012, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Geotechnical; Thermo-active Deep Foundations, Energy Piles, Geothermal Energy Foundations

Attenkofer, Klaus, Ph.D., University of Hamburg, Germany, Experimental Physics

Allahverdiyev, Adil M., (M.D. Ph.D.) Professor and Director of Laboratory of Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering at Yildiz Technical University, Turkey

Arbab, Hassan M., Ph.D., 2012, University of Washington, EE and Nanotechnology


Berndt, Christopher, Ph.D., 1981, Monash University, Materials Science Engineering

Bhatt, Vatsal, Ph.D., 2014, CEPT University Ahmedabad, India, Urban Energy, Water and Climate Change

Boscoboinik, Jorge Anibal, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Chemistry; Small Organic Molecules in Transition Metal Surfaces and Monte Carlo Simulations of Bimetallic Surface Alloys

Butcher, Thomas, Ph.D., 1987, Stony Brook University, Mechanical Engineering


Cen, Jiajie, Ph.D., 2019, Stony Brook University, Materials Science Engineering

Chidambaran, Dev, Ph.D., 2003, Stony Brook University: Corrosion science and surface analysis

Colli, Alessandra, Ph.D., 2009, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, Development of a methodology to allow comparison among different energy systems, with focus on safety aspects

Concepcion, Javier, Ph.D., 2002, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Inorganic Chemistry

Cooley, Lance, Ph.D., 1993, University of Wisconsin, Madison: Materials science

Cotlet, Mircea, Ph.D., 2002, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium: Physical Chemistry


Dasgupta, Avijit, Ph.D., P.E., 1983, University of Miami: Environmental engineering

Dawber, Matthew, Ph.D., 2003, University of Cambridge, UK, ferroelectric materials, mostly as thin films, with a current focus on artificially layered ferroelectric superlattices

DiMarzio, Donald, Ph.D., 1987, Physics, Rutgers University New Brunswick, NJ

Dwivedi, Gopal, Ph.D., 2011, Stony Brook University, Materials Science & Engineering


Endoh, Maya Koga, Ph.D., 2005, Kyoto University, Japan, Polymer Physics 


Fukuto, Masafumi, Ph.D., 2001, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, Physics, Thesis: “Two-Dimensional Structures and Order of Nano-Objects on the Surface of Water: Synchrotron X-ray Scattering Studies”


Gangwal, Santosh, Ph.D., 1977, University of Waterloo, CA, Chemical Engineering

Ge, Mingyuan, Ph.D., 2015, Materials Science, University of Southern California (USC), CA

Giannuzzi, Lucille, Ph.D., Penn State in Metals Science and Engineering

Gouldstone, Andrew, Ph.D., 2001, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Materials

Govindhan, Dhanaraj, Ph.D., 1992, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore (INDIA),  Physics/Materials Science. Thesis: “Crystal growth and characterization of some important nonlinear optical materials

Graetz, Jason, Ph.D., 2003, California Institute of Techology, Materials Science

Gu, Genda, Ph.D., 1989, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China; Materials Science & Engineering; Single crystal characterization and physical properties measurement; single crystal growth and solidification of oxide materials and metallic materials


Hainfeld, James, Ph.D., 1974, University of Texas, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Harrison, Robert, Ph.D., 1984, University of Cambridge, Theoretical Chemistry

Hassan, Arbab, M., Dual Ph.D., 2011, Electrical Engineering and Nanotechnology

Hasty, Julia, Ph.D., 2015, Materials Science and Engineering, Stony Brook University

Haynes, Aisha, Ph.D., 2008, Materials Science and Engineering, Stony Brook University

Htun, Nay, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Imperial College, U.K.

Hu, Enyuan, Ph.D., 2015, Stony Brook University, Mechanical Engineering, Solid-State Chemistry

Huang, Xianrong, Ph.D., 1995, Nanjing University, China: X-ray typography


Isaacs, Hugh, Ph.D., 1963, Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London, England: Electrochemical Research


Jie, Cao, M.S., 2016, Pace University, Computer Information Systems

Jerome, John, Ph.D., 2005, Stony Brook University, Materials Science & Engineering: Polymers in Confinement & Super Critical CO2

Johnson, Peter, Ph.D.,1978, Warwick University, England, Physics

Johnson, Curtis, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, Metallurgy

Jurukovski, Vladimir, Ph.D., 1999, Stony Brook University, Oral Biology & Pathology


Karmakar, Supriya, Ph.D., 2011, Electrical Engineering, University of Connecticut, Ph.D. Thesis: “Novel Three State Quantum Dot Gate Field Effect Transistor:Fabrication, Modeling And Applications”

Keister, Jeffrey, Ph.D., 1997: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Physical Chemistry

Kim, Hyun-Joong, Ph.D., 1995, University of Tokyo, Polymeric Materials

Kondakis, Nicholas, Ph.D., 1989, Columbia University: High energy physics

Krishna, C.R., Ph.D., 1974, Stony Brook University, Mechanical Engineering: Atomization, Combustion, Biofuels

Krstić, Predrag S., Ph.D., 2002, City College of CUNY, New York, Theoretical Physics, Physics Department


Lee, Wilson, Ph.D., 2007, Stony Brook University, Materials Science, Cosmetics Research and Development

Li, Qiang, Ph. D., 1991, Iowa State University at Ames: Energy and electronic materials; synthesis and characterization

Liu, Ying, Ph.D., Stony Brook University

Liu, Mingzhao, Ph.D., 2007, The University of Chicago, Chemistry; Solar water splitting; Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD), Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD); Colloidal nanoparticle synthesis; Numerical simulation for nanophotonic/plasmonic structures

Lombardi, Jack, Ph.D., 2015, Stony Brook University, Materials Science and Engineering

Lu, Deyu, Ph.D., Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Empirical nanotube model: Applications to water channel and nano-oscillators


Marschilok, Amy, Associate Professor, Stony Brook University; Co-Director, Institute for Energy Sustainability and Equity, Stony Brook University; Scientist and Division Manager, Brookhaven National Laboratory; Ph.D., University at Buffalo, Chemistry; Areas of Interest:  Electrochemistry, Electrochemical Materials Science

Meng, Qingpeng, Ph.D, 2002, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Materials Science and Engineering, Research field: Phase Transformation & Nanostructured Materials

Miller, John, Ph.D. 1971, University of Wisconsin

Mueller, Stephan, Ph.D., 1998, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany,  Materials Science (summa  cum laude) Ph.D. Thesis: “Growth of Silicon Carbide by the Sublimation Method – An Analysis of Growth Mechanisms and Crystal Properties“

Muller, Erik, Ph.D., 2005, Cornell University, Physics; Investigating the material properties of high quality synthetic diamond for use as both electron emitters and x-ray detectors

Mironava, Tatsiana, Ph.D., 2011, Stony Brook University, Materials Science, and Engineering

Muizzuddin, NeelamPh.D., Cell Biology, St. John’s University


Nam, Chang-Yong, Ph.D., 2007, University of Pennsylvania, Materials Science and Engineering; Infiltration synthesis, with a focus on material hybridization & nanopatterning; Atomic layer deposition for oxidation catalysts; Organic & hybrid photovoltaics; Nanowire electronics; Semiconductor device physics & characterization

Newman, Aron, Ph.D. 1998, Stony Brook University, Materials Science, and Engineering


Okoli, Celest, Ph.D., 2018, Stony brook University, Materials Science & Chemical Engineering


Parise, John, Ph.D., 1981, James Cook University

Pernodet, Nadine, Ph.D. 1997, Physical Chemistry, Universite’ Louis Pasteur-Institute Charles Sadron

Peterson, Elijah, Ph.D, 2007, University of Michigan, Environmental Engineering

Petrovic, Cedomir, Ph.D. 2000, Florida State University, Physics

Petrash, Stansislas, Ph.D., 1998, Polymer Science, University of Akron: "Neutron Reflectivity Studies of Human Serum Albumin Adsorption onto Well-Defined Surfaces"

Phillips, Reed, M.D., 1973, Downstate Medical Center, NY, Internal Medicine, Oncology




Reid-Green, J. Douglas, MS in Geology from Northeast Louisiana University: promoting sustainable development by designing and implementing remediation programs for industrial facilities in North America

Russo, Lysa, M.S., 1992, Stony Brook University: Materials science

Rodriguez, Jose, Ph.D., 1988, Indiana University,Chemistry


Sampson, Nicole, Ph.D., 1990, Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley;synthesis of inhibitors that provided X-ray crystal structure models of the transition state of serine protease catalysis

Sawicka, Katarzyna, Ph.D., 2014, Biomedical Engineering, Stony Brook University

Shah, Raj, Ph.D, 1995, Pennsylvania State University, Chemical Engineering

Sharma, Priyanka, Ph.D., 2014, CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, India, Material Chemistry and Nanomaterials

Sharma, Sunil, Ph.D., 2016, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India, Material Chemistry and Nanomaterials

Siddons, Peter, Ph.D., 1979, University of London, Kings College, Physics

Simon, Marcia, Ph.D., 1981, Brandeis University: Biology of oral and cutaneous epithelial and mesenchymal cells, retinoid metabolism and the control of differentiations, wound healing, development and assessment of products for treatment of chemical and thermal burn injury.

Sitharaman, Balaji, Ph.D., 2005, Rice University, Chemistry

Slep, Dan, Ph.D., 1999, Stony Brook University, Materials Science & Engineering.

Smedley, John, Ph.D., 2001, Stony Brook University, Accelerator Physics, “The Physics of the Pulsed Power Electron Gun”

Stach, Eric, Ph.D., 1998, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Virginia

Stacchiola, Dario, Ph.D., 2002, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Physical Chemistry, Surface Science

Su, Dong, Ph.D., Nanjing University, Condensed Matter Physics

Szaladja, Frank, MS, 2006, Stony Brook University, Materials Science


Takeuchi, KennethDistinguished Teaching Professor, Stony Brook University, Core Faculty, Institute for Energy Sustainability and Equity: Ph.D., Ohio State University, Chemistry, Areas of Interest:  Inorganic Chemistry, Synthesis of Inorganic Molecules and Materials, Structure-Function Relationships, Electrochemistry

Tawfik, HazemP.E. and a Certified Manufacturing Engineer; Director of the Institute of Research and Technology Transfer (IRTT) at Farmingdale State College - State University of New York

Tobin, Al, Ph.D., 1968, Columbia University: Metallurgy

Tranquada, John, Ph.D., 1983, University of Washington, Physics

Turunen, Eria Tellervo, Doctor of Technology (D.Tech), 2005, Thesis: Diagnostic tools for HVOF process optimization, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, PhD, 1999, Licentiate of Technology (PhD), Tampere University of Technology, Finland, Thesis: Thermal barrier coatings in diesel engine applications

Twiley, John, B.S., 1976, University of California, Riverside: Chemistry


Uchimiya, Sophie Minori, Ph.D, 2005, Environmental Chemistry Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering: Research Chemist, USDA-ARS Southern Regional Research Center, New Orleans, LA


Vaccariello, Michael, Ph.D., 2000 Stony Brook University, Neoplasia

Veerasamy, Yovana, Ph.D., 2020 University of Toledo, Administration and Policy, Internationalization Policy


Waldvogel, James, M.S., 1978, Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute, Materials Engineering and Metallurgy

Wang, Feng, Ph.D., 2007, Condensed Matter Physics, University of Alberta, Canada

Wang, Jia, Ph.D., 1987, Physical Chemistry, City University of New York: Surface Electrochemistry and Electrocatalysis

Weil, Edward, Ph.D., 1953, University of Illinois, Organic Chemistry

Weyant, Christopher, Ph.D., 2004 Northwestern University, Materials Science and Engineering


Xin, Huolin, Ph.D., 2011 Cornell University, Physics

Xiao, XianghuiPhD., 2002, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, China, Physics


Zaitsev, Vladimir, Ph.D., 1992, Moscow State University, Russia: Chemistry

Zhu, Yimei, Ph.D., 1987, Nagoya University, Japan: Materials physics

Zhang, Zhiwei, Ph.D. 2003, Colorado School of Mines, Chemical Engineering