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University Medal

The presentation of the University Medal or Stony Brook Medal is the highest form of local recognition available to the [Stony Brook] University, and it is awarded only to those individuals who have had a significant and lasting impact on the university.  It is “the highest honor the campus can bestow” on people who have rendered outstanding service to the university.


1968: Norman Newhouse (Stony Brook Council)
1969: Robert Jordan (Dean, Graduate School, Stony Brook University)
1969: Igor Stravinsky (composer and musician)
1970: A. William Larson (Stony Brook Council)
1971: Karl Hartzell (Stony Brook University administrator)
1971: H. Bentley Glass (Stony Brook University administrator)
1971: George B. Collins (Stony Brook Council)
1971: William H. Murphy (Stony Brook Council)
1974: J. Kevin Murphy (Stony Brook Council)
1975: Rem Viktorovich Khokhlov (rector, Moscow State University)
1976: Leon Giuffreda (New York State Senator)
1977: Abba Eban (Israeli diplomat)
1977: Harvey Jennings (spouse of T. Alexander Pond's administrative assistant)
1978: Herb Weisinger (Stony Brook University Graduate School Dean)
1979: Samuel Easterbrook (Stony Brook Council)
1980: Jerald Newman (Stony Brook Council)
1981: Richard P. Schmidt (Acting President, Stony Brook University )
1982: T. Alexander Pond (Acting President, Stony Brook University)
1983: Jacob K. Javits (United States Senator)
1985: Sir Run Run Shaw (philanthropist and filmmaker)
1986: Homer A. Neal (Stony Brook University faculty and administrator)
1987: Robert Christian Anderson (Brookhaven National Laboratory assistant director, Stony Brook Council)  
1987: Kenneth P. LaValle (New York State Senator, Chair of Senate Higher Education Committee)
1988: Marvin Kuschner (Stony Brook University faculty and administrator)
1989: Jerry R. Schubel (Stony Brook University faculty and administrator)
1989: Erwin Staller (philanthropist)
1990: Richard Cahn (State University of New York Regional Counsel)
1991: Sidney Gelber (Stony Brook University faculty and administrator)
1992: C.N. Yang (Stony Brook University faculty)
1993: Emile Adams (Stony Brook University administrator)
1994: John H. Marburger III (President, Stony Brook University)
1994: Carol G. Marburger (spouse)
1995: Frederic Salerno (Chair, State University of New York Board of Trustees)
1996: J. Howard Oakes (Stony Brook University faculty and administrator)
1998: George Pataki (Governor of New York)
2000: James D. Watson (scientist)
2001: Richard Nasti (philanthropist, Stony Brook Council)
2003: Dr. Michael A. Maffetone (Stony Brook University administrator) [awarded posthumously]
2004: Dr. Edmund D. Pellegrino (Stony Brook University faculty and administrator)
2005: Milton Glaser (designer of a Stony Brook University logo)
2006: Joe Nathan (Major League Baseball player)
2020: Kenneth P. LaValle (New York State Senator)
2020: John J. Flanagan (Former New York Senator)
2021: Carol A. Gomes (Stony Brook Medicine)
2021: Margaret M. McGovern (Stony Brook Medicine)
2021: Lawrence M. Zacarese (Stony Brook University)
2022: Steven C. Englebright (New York State Assemblyman, faculty member and alumnus)